All aberration stems from the effort to make nothing of an isness
via not-isness rather than as-isness.

      Such efforts come in chains.

      If the guy has a problem, he has a chain of problems that have been

      Most people are walking around as 'What Track?' cases.

      That's a not-isness you see.  Many trackless wonders claim to not
have a track but the track is simply not-ised, not as-ised.

      It's almost impossible to tell the difference, thetans are very
good at not-isness.  Only putting them on a scale will tell.


      Neutron stars of it.

      Ok, so you have your pc do some clay table healing.

      Tell him to demo an item.  Maybe he makes a small little ball of
clay, makes it all nice and round, and scratches a worried look on it,
and puts it in the center of the table and marks it with 'ITEM'.

      You say good.

      Now you tell him to demo NO ITEM.

      If the pc picks up the small round ball of clay and removes it from
the table and labels the empty table with 'NO ITEM', you pat him on the
head and tell him that is an as-isness.  You ask him to demo a NO ITEM
again, but this time as a not-isness.

      If your pc gets a 20 pound piece of clay and slams it down on his
little round ball so hard the two can't be distinguished any more, then
he has the idea.

      So this guy is walking through life, 90 percent not-isness, 9
percent isness, and 1 percent as-isness.  You want him to rebalance
these things and at least become aware of what he is doing when he is
doing it.  The not-isness has become automatic.


      So you indoctrinate as follows.

      Life consists of dicoms.

      Dicoms are dramatized.

      Drama brings importance, permanence, seriousness and pain to the


      One gets overwhelmed by too much drama, people fall into their own
bear traps.

      NO   CHRONIC innocent victims.
      SOME CHRONIC innocent victims.

      One solves this with not-isness and computations, which bury the
confusion.  They don't just hold it back, they BURY IT FOR GOOD.


      He never intended to unbury it again.

      He feels he will self obliterate if he does manage to crack open
one of these item mausoleums again.

      He first comes into session wanting to be better able to keep it
all contained.  To slap the slither back into his pandora's box and
close the lid again.

      So you put your pc into session and start to plumb the depths.

      '...  introversion disaster *INACTUALITY* delusion hysteria shock
catatonia *OBLIVION*...'

      Your pc is a sub oblivion case.

      You are trying to bring him back up to disaster.

      He is going to pay you for this?

      Oh yes, perhaps your preclear knows he exists as a body, and maybe
he even BELIEVES he is a spirit, but he is has no perfect certainty on
the matter, and in truth HIS THETAN is down below oblivion and maybe
even below UNEXISTENCE.

      Dicoms are pairs of items.

      Take the bottom item of the awareness characteristic scale for
example and turn it into a dicom.  Dicoms are not always the obvious
thing you might think they are, forget the thesaurus.  Your mind will
tell you what needs to be run.

      So form a dicom from the item.

      Unexistence - Existence

      Then realize that both items have been not-ised heavily, and the
item won't read or run until the not-is is run.

      The not-ised item is NO item, where NO is at

      Sub Refused

      SOME actually includes from Curious down to Enforce.

      NO actually includes from Inhibit to down below refused.

      So now you have

      NO Unexistence - SOME Unexistence
      NO Existence   - SOME Existence

      You have turned a single item into a four pole set of terms and
oppterms which will run like wild fire when you get the right items.

      Next item up on the ACC.

      NO Disconnection - SOME Disconnection
      NO Connection    - SOME Connection

      NO Uncausing     - SOME Uncausing
      NO Causing       - SOME Causing

      Say an item comes to you, poverty.

      NO Poverty - SOME Poverty
      NO Wealth  - SOME Wealth

      NO Static  - SOME Static
      NO Kinetic - SOME Kinetic

      This stuff is mind blowing, because it runs the bottom and top of
the tone scale at the same time.

     NO I AM     - SOME I AM

      Do you have any clue how much track this guy has covered over where
his basic idea is I AM NOT?  That's NO I AM NOT you see?

      His first clear vision of I AM will be 'I AM NOT-ISING THIS!'

      You can't get him up to I AM if he can't out not-is what he has
already not-ised.

      He has to RUN his not-isness machine out, or else he will run it
in.  The difference is self determined putting it there, putting the
not-isnes there and watching one's self doing it, and seeing the damage.

      How does someone know when there is no more not-isness on their
case?  When their whole track is clear as day from the first moment of
creation to present time.  That's an IS-NESS case.  Then you can start
asking him 'What's it' and get some answers that cause the is-ness to

      Now maybe some people are walking around without a time track,
that's a table with no clay on it, no items period.

      I doubt it.

      And in any case, even if they were, they are breathing liquid BT's
from all directions, and THEY have time tracks galore.  If they didn't
they wouldn't be part of the soup your pc is swimming in.

      Think of your pc as a fish swimming in the ocean, breathing water
in and out every second.  How many plankton, amoeba, protozoa per cubic
inch of sea water going through your pc every day?

      Billions.  More.

      The fish has barnacles on him, the barnacles have barnacles, all
these beings have time tracks that are part of the clay the pc is trying
to see through.

      If clay were valuable, your pc would be the wealthiest man alive.

      Clay *IS* valuable, that's why he is paying you to get rid of it
for him, he just can't let go of it himself.

      It has saved his ass too many times, he doesn't know how
to let go of his denial and not die from it.

      So you got this time track that is made of clay, very fine clay,
exquisite clay, antique clay, oh just the most gorgeous art carved clay
you ever seen, and then on top of this the whole thing has been crushed
up into a ball, put in a trash compactor and then had tar, amber, crazy
glue and obsidian glass poured on it until there's nothing there any

      The guy is a walking talking La Brea tar pit.

      The pc has been tarred and feathered in his own time track!

      And that's a case who is interested in his own case and willing to
talk to you.

      But that is also a no track case.  He wonders if he has lived
before, he runs into walls of impossibility, incredibility,
preposterousness, DANGER, and no permission when he even THINKS about
the idea of getting better.

      Even just standing up and being as tall as he really is
scares the hell out of him, he ducks back down to keep his head
from being blown off or standing out in the crowd of everyone else.

      He worries about Alzheimers.  Do you know how much tar it takes to
get an immortal thetan to worry about Alzheimers?

      And the shame of it all, oh the shame, he will NEVER live it down.
Better to die in tar than admit you were wrong about it all this time,

      However love and shame can not of force and mass be made, so his
own shame is the evidence he seeks that he is indeed a sovereign being.

      Only a spirit can CARE or give a damn.

      Metal balls and things made of metal balls do not give a damn.

      They might be programmed to ACT LIKE they give a damn, but they

      Humor is his ONLY hope.

      This had better be funny or he's a goner for real.

      Every once in a while his time track breaks open and dramatizes the
pc a bit, and he wonders where *THAT* came from.  Then it closes up and
is never heard from again for a while.

      Then he's saying his apologies for the rest of time, or worse
justifying it and making a profession out of the dramatization.

      You know, marching armies of sh*t heads who are proud of their of
the sh*t.

      Find the items the pc is interested in.


      Standard tech won't let you run the item unless it reads.

      Running an unreading item is a high crime.

      But the item won't read until CDEINR is run on the item, and then
the NO ITEM will read and then the item will read.

      By not running unreading SOME items, by using NO ITEM instead, the
whole bank gets missed and bypassed.

      Find an item, assess for NO item, SOME item, NO item, NO item, SOME
item, SOME item, NO item...  get in sync with it.  THEN if it doesn't
read and your meter is turned on, go to another item.  But the pc gave
you the item, it may read, unless he's spewing misdirectors at you.

      The case won't progress unless you run the NO item.

      HE KNOWS ABOUT THE ITEM, its the NO ITEM he doesn't know about that
is dramatizing him, controlling him and he's killing himself over.

      Going through the incident won't uncover the NO item.

      You can go through the incident until the cows come home and the
earlier similar won't show up.

      Dianetics will fail because of this.

      You want the earlier similar?

      Ask for the NO INCIDENT!

      Locate an incident of worry.

      It runs, needle starts to rise.

      Earlier incident?  no read

      Earlier beginning?  no read

      Later ending?  no read

      Deeper middle?  no read

      Needs another run through?  no read

      Wrong date?  no read

      Wrong duration?  no read

      Wrong who, how, what, where, when, why, which?  No read

      Implant in restim?  no read

      L3RD?  L4 this, CS69RZ that?  no read, no read, no read no read.

      Hang the auditor, bad TR's?  no read

      Is there any NO WORRY?

      Bang, cascading fall, cascade, rise, *CASCADE*, cascade, rise,

      A cascade is multiple long fall blowdowns in a row.

      All right when was it, duration, etc.

      This will turn on revivs so strong BOTH of you will be back there.

      Eventually the pc will run into the qualms, no permission, angels
dare not tread and Gods go running for their mama.





      Try it, you will like it.

      Put a lightning arrestor on your e-meter.

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