This is what I am saying,

    A number of people have 'broken' the law in posting the various
copyrighted Church materials, but that doesn't mean what they did was
morally wrong.  It was in fact morally mandated to them regardless of the
law.  They acted as Sovereign Citizens persuing what was right rather than
what was legal.

    The Church likes to hide behind the copyright law and use those laws
to punish and suppress those that are posting the material.  Many of these
laws are in my mind criminal laws created by criminal publishers trying to
protect their own existence at the expense of everyone else, in the name
of protecting the artists.  A common ploy.  The artists get sucked into
the game and finally comes to think the suppressive laws are actually good
for them.  This makes the artists DB's working for the SP's.

    Criminal means morally bankrupt.

    Criminal does not mean someone who breaks a law.

    Likewise then, when the Church does something right, like mention that
physical disease can be caused or compounded by traumatic, demonic and/or
alien forces and that the E-meter can be used as a Divining Rod to help
steer the pc to locate the epicenters of these disturbances, the critics
like to use criminal laws spawned by the medico pill pushers and
psychiatric zombie lords to punish the Church back.

    When both sides act badly in their conflict, both sides go down the
tubes *TOGETHER*.

    There is no way around that.


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