Homer Wilson Smith (homer@lightlink.com) wrote:
>Phil Scott
>>Postulates and considerations are NOT senior to 'MEST' in my view

>     Thank you for admitting that, as it indicates the inexorable
>position you occupy on the tone scale.

     I guess the real issue here is counter-intention.

     Its like having a commie on a list devoted to improving
capitalism.  The commie's comments will all be negative and
destructive, because the commie's intent is NOT to build a better
capitalism.  Their intent is to undermine it and destroy it, by force
if necessary.

     Their postings are constantly trying to sway people away from
     The position of scientological clearing is that the being's
postulates are senior to ALL created and mechanical conditions of
exitence.  Mechanical means dimensional, namely matter, energy, space
and time.

     If you are not working in that direction, then basically you
are a professional meatball.
     One can postulate a form of clearing the lives under the clouds
of existence so to speak, only to see the bright city lights and never
the real sun.  But such clearing remains forever below BEING AN EFFECT
on the awareness characteristic scale, and would thus be directed at
acceptance rather than change and control.

     Yes, control.  Control is a very bad term to low tone people,
that's how you can tell them, have them write up a little essay on

     Basically those who are overwhelmed by MEST are in the valence of
MEST, and thus they act in a MEST like fashion, whether they admit it or

     "Life treats love like the ocean treats sand castles in the

     This is ok as a fair chosen postulated game condition, but is not
ok as a fundamental view of the AllThatIs.

     Phil has shown many times his propensity to forevers and nevers,
for him, most people 'die forever in the ridig apathy of MEST.' Thus
he is frantic about making sure this never happens.

     Which is more insane, a God that thinks it is MEST, or MEST that
thinks it is God?


Mon Aug 14 21:27:14 EDT 2006