The first time you run into someone 'you never knew before' it's a
violation of your sovereignty.

     "Who invited you into my dream?"

     One begins to wonder if one ever invited anyone or anything.

     Doubt is self casting.  The more you wonder, the less it seems

     It's not that she wouldn't talk to you, its that she was there in
the first place.

      So much for sovereignty.

      An unexpected delight is a serious problem to a being.

      There mere presence of an unexpected delight implies the possibility 
of an unexpected horror, so delight clouds our future with forboding.

      The solution is making a virtue out of a horrible necessity.

      Thus we find joy in birth and sorrow in death.

      Both first hellos and last goodbyes are enforced.

      We may CLAIM we are willing, but in truth we have no choice.

      We meet people we wish we never had met, and they usually out live
us :)

      We meet people we are happy to have met, but then we lose them,
usually they die before we do :).

      Thus the hello and goodbye cycle becomes enforced, resented and
eventually refused, we simply refuse to meet anyone new lest we
detest it forever for free, or bond with it for ever for free.

      The only thing cats are good for is ripping the heart out of your 


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