There are a number of levels of truth.

     People like to claim there are no absolute truths.  Aside from
being a self denying statement and thus mind broke, it is in fact

     At the top we have truths which are true whether or not anything
exists at all, mathematical truths, logical truths etc.  These are not
created, they are at best discovered later in the game.

     "Either something exists or nothing exists" is an absolute truth as
it is true for everyone at all times whether they agree or not.

     It is also true whether or not something exists or nothing exists!

     Another example the ratio of the diameter of a circle to its radius
in flat space is 3.14159 whether or not anyone has ever considered flat
space or a circle or whether or not anything exists at all.

     Then we have truths of existence, namely the nature of what IS, in
this case native state.  Again these are not created truths, as native
state is not a created thing, native state is an IS, only not in space
or time.

     Native state is as it is regardless of what anyone thinks about it.

     Then we have AS-ISNESS which are created truths, created by the
beings waking up into dream time from native state and beginning to
create worlds of their own.

     Native state happens to be a dream creation machine, it could have
been an eternal black hole, or worse a nothing.  Be greateful.

     Although the truths of existence, i.e.  the nature of native state,
are not created, the waking being will be found to make parallel
postulates about those truths before he uses them.  Thus all of the
abilities of native state are postulated by the being before he uses
them, but these truths are not true BECAUSE they are postulated, they
are just true.  The postulate ACTIVATES the ability to use them.

     However with truths of as-isness, the created truths are true
BECAUSE the being has postulated them.

     As-isness is the level of the vanishing truth, once it is made it
will vanish on its own accord once the being takes his attention off of

     At the next level down we have alter-isness, more created truth in
the form of added significance to the original created truths.

     "This object is an ashtry and is used to hold cigarettes" is an
added significance to the original created truths which were simple
color forms that LOOKED like ashtry and cigarette but hadn't been
assigned those signifiances yet.

     Because the alter-isness is a subtle lie added onto the original
pristine as-is creation, an element of time and persistence is added
into the truth and so we have persisting truths.

     More alteris-ness then denies or alters the original alter-isness
and we end up with persisting lies.

     "This is not a cigarette, it is a microphone!  The CIA wants me to
think it is a cigarette so they can hear what I am saying!"

     Then the being engages in not-isness and produces a 'no truth'
which is another persisting lie.

     "What microphone?"

     The question then of what is true depends on which level you are
looking at.

     Some things are true regardless of what anyone thinks.

     Other things are true because of what one thinks by direct creative

     And yet other thoughts are false because they deny an already
created truth before it.

     Its fine if you want to call this thing a microphone, but you can't
do it AFTER having called it an ashtray.

     So what's a being to believe is true?

     Well Ron told us (not exact words) "What is true is what is true
for you."

     This is not a statement of truth, but a statement of *POLICY*.

     Clearly if I think that native state doesn't exist or is some way
that it is not, then I am wrong, pure and simple.  Native state is not
affected by what I think, my think has no cause over it.

     Same is true if I think you don't exist, or that I don't exist, you
DO exist and so do I, so such thoughts would simply be wrong.

     But clearly if I am operating at the as-is level, then anything I
think becomes true in the conception of it, so it is true BECAUSE I
consider it true, and thus we understand that something is true if it is
true for me.

     But then if I am operating at the alter-is level, and I have
already said something is an ashtray, and then later I say its a
microphone, my two postulates will counter each other, and the first one
wins.  Thus I make myself wrong no matter how much I think its a
microphone later.

     So at this point, what is true for me, its a microphone, is not

     Now here is the problem.

     If a being, say Goober, believes something, even if he made it up
out of whole cloth, he can easily change his mind if he runs into
evidence to the contrary.

     Say he looks at a field and believes there are no trees there.  So
he goes walking around and runs smack into a tree the hard way.  He
learns his lesson quickly, 'Oh wow there are in fact trees here, I was

     So before what was true for Goober was that there were no trees,
but it didn't matter because he hadn't run into any, and after, it was
true for Goober that there were trees there because he had run into one
very hard.

     But let's say something else happened.  Let's say Goober believes
there are trees in the field, but Dufus does not.

     Now Goober may or may not have run into a tree himself, we don't
know where Goober got his idea there were trees in the field.

     But say Goober worships Dufus, and thinks Dufus is a God.

     And so Goober says 'there are trees' and Dufus says "oh no there
are not', and Goober changes his mind and now what is true for him is
that there are no trees in the field.

     Then one day Goober is walking in the field and runs smack into a
tree.  Does he change his mind?


     That's because his idea that there are no trees in the field is not
his idea, it belongs to Dufus, and Dufus is a God, and Goober would be
just mortified if he had to go back to Dufus and tell him he was wrong,
and how could a God be wrong anyhow, and if Dufus were not a God, then
Goober would be alone and never live it down, and oh its just all so
terrible, you see this?

     So Goober continues to believe there are no trees in the field,
even with a bruise on his forehead, not because it is true for him, but
because it is true for DUFUS or so Goober believes.

     So LRH knew this little law, namely when a being is running on his
own ideas, he can change them easily, but when he is running on other's
ideas, he can't or won't.

     So LRH told us with great certainty not to believe something just
because someone else said it was true.  Things are only true if they are
true for you, not if they are true for others.

     Let's reword this then:

     As a matter of policy, I shall only believe things that I have
observed for myself, and not those things that I only got from someone

     Any more natter about LRH on this subject will be ignored as
willful evil.


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