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>>>OK. I have to part company with Scn theory on this one.

>>    Yes we know.

>>    You are trying to produce a well and happy human being, creature.

>>    We are trying to produce an OT, Author/Creator of the universe.

>How is a being made [emanated] in the "image" of God the Creator
>anything other than a [co-]creator himself who also creates 

     People define down their words to their own level of non

     "Responsible" at the top means knowing willing causation with
full awareness of the consequences.

     "Responsible" at the bottom means 'following orders'.

     Souls are not created, their are co eternal with Source.

     Source is not a soul, nor does Source create souls, nor
cause them to create.  Souls operate on their own determinism, drawning
on the power of Source to do so.

     Source is the underlying substrate which allows souls to do what
they do.

     All creation per se is done through the will viewport of a soul.

     The soul was not created in God's image.

     The soul was not created in Source's image.

     The soul was not created.

     What IS created by the soul is everything Source is not.

     "Source sources what Source is not" - Adore
     The soul creates in the anti-image of Source.

     Source has no space/time, the soul creates in illusions of space/time.

     Confusing the likeness of Source with the likeness of one of its
creation, or confusing the likeness of one of its creations with the
likeness of Source is an abomination upon the face of God.

     Trying to create something God-like is an oxymoron.

     With emphasis on the moron.

     If God created the soul, then the soul itself could not
create other souls.

     Thus the soul is not created in God's image, but only a subset
of God's image.
     This idea we were made is nuts, but is important to keep
things persisting, otherwise ALL MECHANICAL CONDITIONS OF EXISTENCE,


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