If a being can be made/created, then he can be unmade/uncreated.

      By definition being made means being made by something other than
one's self, without one's permission, or will or intent or volition.

      Thus this other determinism forever remains able to unmake one,
should it desire.

      This is not sovereignty.

      You can't BECOME eternal, you can only BE eternal and always have
been.  Same for sovereignty.

      Electra said that the being goes into such shock from its first
awareness that "it was made", that it creates time itself in order to
get away from that moment forever more.

      The being would prefer impending death forever than being created

      Once time is created, the being then fights being uncreated forever
more, because it does want to exist, just not be created.  But the
CHARGE on death, i.e.  being uncreated, comes from the charge on being

      Thus one must run out the First Hello with one's self in order to
run out the Last Good bye with one's self.

      At which point timelessness is again regained and the being
realizes he did it to himself as a practical joke of magnitude.

      The two concepts of being created and being uncreated then vanish
into laughter and peace.

      "Hark the Herald Angels sing, Glory be to the new born *KING*.


      "As for God, who hired Him, and what are we paying Him for?"

      From Adore.


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