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>>     Souls are not created, their are co eternal with Source.

>Agreed, that is implied in the emanation.  

     Emanation is a act in time.

     Souls are a PART OF THE ALL THAT IS, they are not created, they
are not emanated, they are not anything at all, they just ARE.
     There is Source, and all over the body of Source are an infinite
number of little viewports into the created world.  Each viewport is a
will that can cast or not as it pleases.

     "Source sources only when will casts" - Adore.

     YOU keep tring to put some cause before your own existence or

     Carol, you seem to REFUSE to understand what I have
been saying for years, and continue willfully in the delusion
that Scientology and you have anything in common.

     You don't seem to be able to hear that LRH is saying something
completely different and opposite to what you and all the other
religions have been saying for thousands of years, God made us.

    The only thing that can be made is MEST, and only illusions at that.

    Souls are not MEST, souls are an operational part of God.

    No part of God is created, changed, is mutable, or otherwise
an effect of anything else but its own will.

     The ONLY thing that is created are illusions of dimensional
reality in the non dimensional God/Soul operating actuality.


"Created" may be a 
>misleading term here as it implies something derogatory to some. 
>Your own creations would probably object to it. If you had children,
>they might object to being called your creations. "Dad, I'm my own
>person ok? Now can I borrow the keys to the car?"

    Children are not our creations.   They are in fact not OURS
in any possible sense of the word.

    We are their Spiritual Guardians for while, until they outgrow
the nut house.



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