If it is an article of my belief, research or religion that physical
disease can be caused or compounded by traumatic, demonic or alien forces,
then I have an inalienable right to state that tenent, proselytise it,
share it with others and loudly proclaim it to the world.

    I would think such a right would be protected under the basic
constitutional protections of freedom of congregation, speach and
religious belief and practice.

    For the medicos to have ANYTHING legal to say about this is a
violation of separation of Church and State, for the medicos are merely
their own religion with their own beliefs, practices and articles of faith
and they have no right to override the religions, beliefs, practices or
articles of faith of other people.

    The medicos have no fundamental validity that others don't have.

    Yes science is a very effective religion, it has built civilization
out of the dark ages.  But it has shortcomings that are more likely to
destroy civilization in nuclear holocaust than not.

    Science does not have all the answers as The Proof clearly shows, and
its basic tenent that consciousness arose out of physical matter, rather
than the other way around, shows it is in fact completely nuts.

    Anyhow the Newtonian/Einsteinian view of the universe is quite passe
in educated and enlightened circles.

    The world is a much more rich and alive place than the meatball
medicos have any clue.

    I wouldn't allow the spiritually blind rule or make laws over
the spiritually sighted, now would you?


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