The way a God creates something is he concieves it, it gets
created in the conception of it.

     This is an as-isness.  If left be it will vanish.

     Creation does not imply automatic persistence.

     The way a God gets a creation to persist is he adds lies to it,
added significance that alters the purity of its original pristine

     Two different creations create time, the lie is that they
are one creation.

     This adds time and persistence to the object.

     The way a god uncreates an creation is he RECREATES the object in
its original space and time and pristine condition, clean of all added
lies that made it persist.  Then he fails to add those lies again, and
it vanishes on its own accord when the God takes his attention off of

     This is a *NEW* idea.

     This is not written in the books of Christianity, Islam, Judaism,
it is not written in the books of the Hindus nor the Buddhists.

     It is in fact not written anywhere in the public books of man,
except the books of the man who first said it aloud.

     L.  Ron Hubbard.

     People still don't get this idea, they think Scientology is just
like every other religion on the planet, or about being good or some
such nonsense.

     Scientology in fact has nothing whatsoever to do with anything
ever said by anybody before LRH came along.

     LRH said two things of import, both of which are new.

     LRH said a being was reponsible for his own condition, which does
NOT mean he has to do something about it now that he is saddled with
it by God or others, but that the being existed prior to any created
condition and thus had free choice in the acceptance of any condition
he might be stuck in now.

     That is Total Responsibility.

     Further Ron stated very clearly just exactly how the cycle of
creation, survival, and destruction is carried out.

     God does not just create things forever and never erases them.

     Ron said any creation is self erasing unless persisted with lies.

     That's a major statement.  Carol doesn't get it.

     Creation + Lies -> Persistence.

     Persistence + Truth -> Destruction, total vanishment.

     It's amazing how some people think they read that in
the Bible or a comic book or something like that.

     They can barely understand the words let alone what they convey.


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