CB Willis (cbwillis@adore.lightlink.com) wrote:
>Nor does creation automatic lack of persistence. Persistence is relative 
>anyhow, how long does it persist.  No worldly thing is going to persist 
>indefinitely, but when we build a building or a car, ideally we want it 
>to last as long as possible rather than fall apart quickly.

     You have 'falling apart' confused with destruction or vanishment.

     Falling apart merely destroys the relationship between parts,
none of the parts are actually destroyed or vanished.

>>     The way a God gets a creation to persist is he adds lies to it,
>>added significance that alters the purity of its original pristine

>Great, let's add some lies to this building as we build it, so it will
>persist longer.

     Again you have creation confused with building things out of
already created parts.

>Makes NO sense at all, by ANY definition of "lies".

>The actual built building may be fractionally off here and there from the
>ideal blueprint, but it's not the part that's fractionally off that allows
>it to persist well.

     Building a building is not an act of creation, it is an act of
putting together parts already created.  What creation remains in the
building is in the relation of the parts not in the EXISTENCE of the

     Carol after all these years you really and truely still haven't a
clue what Scn is saying.

     After all the upsets you have suffered aligning with things that
later turned out to be different than you imagined, I can only say
that you seem to have an alter-is factory going in that you CHANGE
what is said into what you think you believe in such a way that you
will often be let down when the truth hits home to you.

     Its almost like you WANT to agree so much that you reinterpret
other's words to mean the same as your own only later to be confused
why you are rejected.
     Looking to Scn to see how it is the same as anything you have
known before is a deadly dangerous waste of your life energy.

     Scn does not validate any existing prior belief set, and should
not be used to do so.
     If anything, I would err on the side of saying that Scn invalidates
any and all prior existing beliefs.

Sun Aug 20 21:11:26 EDT 2006