We *DEFINE* reality and actuality as follows, there can be no
argument with this.


     Actuality is what is true.

     Reality is what we think is true, what is real to us.


     Reality persists (in time) to the degree that reality does not equal

     What is, is a zero dimensional operating actuality, called the
AllThatIs, with the capability of creating, projecting and perceiving
illusions of multi dimensional operating realities within its own zero
dimensional substance.

     Zero dimensions might seem small, but it takes having dimension and
extension before something can be small or large.  Without dimension,
small and large are without meaning.

     The created dimensional realities are called illusions, because
the conscious experience of space and time does not itself take up any
space or time.  The holographic film plate is zero dimensional and is
in fact the very substance and substrate of the AllThatIs itself.

     The AllThatIs is a self luminous glow in the dark space time

     The AllThatIs has two operating parts, Source and Sourcer.

     "You are a Sourcer.

     Sourcer's like to source sourcery, usually on Apprehentices.

     Apprehentices are apprehensive about apprehending sourcery.

     Sourcers cast sourcery from Source by casting Pride before

     Source stands for Sovereign Omnilord of Unanimous Regency and
Caliber Excaliper.

     Regency is universal acceptance by others outside of one's own
normal operating jurisdictions by virtue of needed, wanted and
acknowledged superior operating know how.

     ExCaliper means without measure, worth beyond measure.

     Sourcers form the High-US.

     Source is the underlying causal mechanism that ties the High-US
all together and allows us to interact with each other and with

     The Sourcer is me and thee, the Will or viewport through which
Source sources illusions of multidimensional realities, i.e.  matter
energy, space and time.

     Source sources what Source is not.

     Source is zero dimensional, sourcery is multi dimensional.

     Source sources only when Will casts.

     Neither Source nor Sourcer are created but are eternally
coexistent as the One and the Many.  Like Argus who had a 100 eyes,
there is one source and an infinite number of Sourcers or viewports
into maya.

     Source and Sourcer form the world of Dura, the realm of
permanence outside of time.

     Sourcery forms the world of Sabe (Sa-bay), the realm of
impermanence and loss inside of time.

     Both Source and Sourcer are immutable, uncreateable,
unchangeable, and undestroyable, and thus they exist forever, have
existed forever, will exist forever and could do nothing but exist
forever.  It is not even a choice.

     This forever however is an ExTemporal forever, not a forever in
time.  We call this ExTemporal forever an Eternal forever, rather than
a Temporal forever.

     Sourcers like to source Sourcery.

     Sourcery consists of projections of multi dimensional realities
in the zero dimensional self luminescent fabric of Source.

     The purpose of Sourcery is the communication of art.

     Creation is an act of sourcery, the will conceives and so it
becomes cast as the will conceives it.

     The only thing that can be created or destroyed is sourcery,
illusions of multidimensional reality.

     The will can at any time veto a creation after the fact of its
creation by merely unconceiving of it, taking his attention off of it.

     Should the will like its creation however, it can make it persist
by adding added significance to the creation, thus altering it from
its pristine form, and thus adding time and change.

     The primary added significances are who made it and why, i.e.
what its purpose or use is.  This relates the object to some desire of
the creator or others, which desire comes AFTER the fact of the
object's original pristine creation.  Thus claiming it was created for
a purpose is a time backwards lie which causes persistence until

     It was created for a purpose, the communication of art, but this
is not the purpose added to the object after its creation which
signifies its use.  The 'purpose' of an ashtray is to hold ashes.

     The art that is being communicated via expression through
sourcery is the beauty of self love and native state.

     There is no higher love than self love.

     Next down from self love is love for other's self love.

     The AllThatIs is the best of all possible universes.

     That anything should exist at all is astounding.

     That it should also have been the best of all possible universes is
beyond comprehension.

     Since the desirability of any AllThatIs is a function of how much
accord there is between that AllThatIs and our desire, once could argue
that either our desire was crafted to match the AllThatIS, or that the
AllthatIS was crafted to match our desire.

     Could our desire have been any other way?

     Could the AllThatIS have been any other way?

     Is the absolute accord between our desire and the AllThatIs an
accident of grand coincidence, or could it not have been any other way?

     It is the impulse to share one's self love with others that moves
one to create sourcery in order to manifest the beauty of native state
in the world of created illusions.

     It is easy to believe that the created illusions are themselves
the art that is intended by the sourcer, however no beauty of Temporal
dimensionality can ever match the beauty of ExTemporal non

     The beauty of native state is instead manifested through the lies
and illogic that are used to make the created illusions persist.

     The LIES AND ILLOGICS used to make the art of temporal
dimensionality persist are capable of matching the beauty of native

     This is because lies are a reflection of truth, truth seen in a
mirror if you will.

     Thus by understanding the lies, one understands the truths of
native state, and its beauty, as that beauty is ensconced in the
beauty of those lies.

     No truth in the multi dimensional reality will ever show you a
truth about native state.

     No beauty in the multi dimensional reality will ever show you a
beauty about native state.

     Thus while in the dream time, while believing reality to be
actuality, Sourcers, conscious units, are unaware of the beauty that
is being manifested through their persistence (and thus suffering).

     But in the process of coming into the dream, and in leaving it
through auditing, they get to see the beauty of their own self love,
and of other's self love, as it is manifested to them through the lies
and illogics that they and other's used to make themselves persist in

     "High Halcyon is bemused relief on the verge of time.

     The halcyon winds of summer heal the cold cruel wounds of winter."
- Adore.

     The lies and illogics are cognitions or 'cogs', and as each is
found the drama of seriousness, importance, permanence (of loss) and
pain blow off as humor and the beauty of Eternal self love.

     J.E.S.T means Jokes of Eternal Self Treason
     J.E.S.T means Justice of Eternal Self Truth.
     J.O.K.E means Justice Of Kindship Excaliper.

     All Justice is Jestice.

     Thus a pc's suffering while in the world, is a gift to the world of
a self created tragi-comedy of magnitude.

     All suffering is artful dodge, the art is an expression through
lies and illogic of the being's own self love so that other's might
share in it too.

     It takes great skill to fall down and make other's laugh.

     Although all viewports sleep together in native state, they sleep


     All manifestation is loss of native state and thus is suffering.

     However the beauty is not in the vain posturings of manifestation,
but in the lies and illogics that allow the loss of native state to

     Native state is the world of Dura, true permanence in an ExTemporal

     Manifestation is the world of Sabe, apparent permanence of loss in
a Temporal forever.  (A temporal forever is actually a lie, as all that
exists are temporal whiles.)

     Dura is actuality, Sabe is reality.

     The transition back and forth between the two is fair chosen.

     As-isness is recovery of eternal art hidden in persisting loss.

     The loss ends when the recovery of that art is complete.

     But one is alone again in the light of one's own Eternal self love.

     "I just gotta share this with someone!"

     Just before one goes back to sleep.


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