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>Ted wrote:

>> The weaker claim, as you say, is what Hubbard called Scientology.
>> The stronger claim, as you say, is what Hubbard called para-
>> Scientology. To me the weaker claim above is the stronger claim;
>> it covers more territory. The stronger claim is the weaker and
>> easily degenerates into dogma for its strength.

>Yes, that is the idea. The claim with the strongest affirmations is the
>weakest in terms of scope of application, when the weakest claim is
>stronger as it allows finding other ways when the current path does not
>work anymore.

     This is totally ass backwards.

     The weaker claim is lost as it has no view of the top.  Thus it
hunts arond forever inventing new ideas on what to do with no idea of
what is possible, or where it is trying to go, or where it has come

     Weaker claim approaches, grounded in nothing fundamental, end up
in endless squirrel cycles.
     Knowing where you have come from and how you got here, goes a
long ways to helping you determine how to get back there.

     The stronger claim, with a relatively clear view of the top, can
then derive workable techology through theory alone, as it has some
idea of where the being has been, where it is and where it is going.

     The theory can fail on those who don't have the stomach yet for
the truth, so they end up squirreling anyhow.

     Most religions that CLAIM to be stronger claim religions are
actually lies invented to keep the being down, so stronger claim
religions tend to get a bad name.

     How do you know the true stronger claim religions from the false


     Top is sovereignty, total responsibility, perfect alignment
between will/desire and the all that is.

     Most strong claim religions posit a top that is utterly
undesirable by any sane thinking human, that's another sure sign they
are the spew of the devil.
     That's how you know them then, do they teach Omni Sovereignty or
     If not, audit the devil BT that is spewing lies in front of you,
for he is giving the masses the death directed drug they are all
looking for.

     If so, then listen closely as your eternal future depends on what
is said.

     Bascially weaker claim approaches are for weaker beings, those
with no clue and no daring to have a clue.  It produces weaker claim
clears, spiritual noodles for the monsters that feed in the end.

     Stronger claim approaches are for stronger beings.

     "Behold ye now Behemoth, he who made it can approach unto it." -

     "And Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water, and He
spent a long time watching from his lonely wooden tower.  And when he
knew for certain that only drowning men could see him, He said all men
shall be sailors then, until the sea shall free them" - Leonard Cohen
     Basically those living their 9 to 5 lives down at disassociation
on the awareness characteristic chart (I am going to Heaven, you are
going to Hell) can't be expected to take up a stronger claim path
until the 'sea shall free them'.
     They gotta WANT a unified heaven that includes all their enemies.
     Then perhaps they got a clue what a Heaven really is.

     LRH was a stronger claim being, he had a clear idea of the top,
but a messy idea of where we came through to get here and how to
approach it.  His approach was also poisoned by hurry and lack of
time, or so he perceived.

     He offered to sell a weaker claim theology in order to bring in
converts, but then they scream 'bait and switch' when they find out
they are actually expected to take full responsibility for their
condition later in the game.
     That is the true bait and switch you know, nothing else.

     The Church is stacked to the rafters with weaker claim beings,
each of whom thinks Scn is something that it isn't, this list has
posters on it that do the same.

     They THINK there is agreement with them, but there is none, they
remain monster food forever until they become stronger claim beings.

     There is a real problem with any group that is not headed for
sovereignty.  One can not get on the spiritual path, just to get
'better' at being human.

     One can be a better noodle just so long, and then the
monsters eat you.

     One can not get on the spiritual path and not go all the way.
     A Homo Novis, Grade IV, is not stable, a Clear is worthless in
LRH's own words, "who needs them", and beings only become a valuable
final product at OT IV, awareness of self as an immortal being.

     Without awareness of sovereignty, the being can only dramatize
endlessly, you may key them out for a while, but eventually they will
sink again into group dramatization.  And if there was any hell, that
is it.

     Thus we can value the weaker claim religions, and populate them
with weaker claim beings, pat them on their head and let them do their
good deeds, while the rest of us get on with it and reverse the course
of history from the top down.


     Only 1 in 100,000 is ready or able to go OT in this or the next
few lifetimes.  The rest DON'T WANT IT yet.  They know its too
dangerous for them to try.  There is no amount of help that anyone can
offer them to make the goal a safe or reasonable goal no matter how OT
the help is.

     An OT victim can out victim an OT sovereign any time.

     Only when a being is ready for sovereignty can they be helped, as
they are the ones doing all the work standing up with the confidence
that they want to stand up, while the help merely steadies them with
the helping hand.

     So leave the noodles to the Noodle Lords, and pull the sword of
Excalibur from the star rock of your mind, and start swinging it like
a King.

    "You are an omni operating Lord God Almighty.

     What is a Lord God Almighty?

     When you see one, you will go 'Lord God Almighty!' " - Adore

     There is no weaker claim route to spiritual freedom.


Tue Aug 29 00:40:24 EDT 2006