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>My initial readings of the Electra posts were, I thought, informative.
>But the text below, also from one of the Electra posts, makes no sense
>to me. Thoughts? Thanks.

>"...Of course ANYTHING can be unmade by just making it again, that's
>sort of a safety release on this or any game..."

     A perfect duplicate is made by making the object again in its own
space and own moment of time at which time the object will vanish if
the creating being lets go of it.

     It's like a door that you push to close, but then have to push
again to open.  Beings are sorry they closed the door, but they are
now tring to open it by pulling it open.  It will never open, so the
game lasts forever.

     However nothing created can be eternally bad, because anything
created can be destroyed by creating it again.

     That's the joke.

     But the being has to be willing to experience J.O.Y.

     J.O.Y means Joke's On You.


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