You see you are trying to restore a being's freedom of choice,
not only to give them more options to choose, but to make their
choices agent, so they work.

     Now the weak claim is that we have no idea why a being's state of
choice is so bad, but we are going to try and improve it anyhow.

     The strong claim is that the being MADE A CHOICE that his choice
should no longer work, and by duplicating the who, how, what, where,
when, why and which of that choice, he can undo that choice and then
his choice will work again naturally.

     Sure, use a gradient scale if you just have to :)

     Now if the stronger claim is true, do you see why it is hopeless
trying to rehab a being's ability to choose without getting him to
erase the God postulate that his choices don't work?

     You got him fighting himself.

     HE WANTS TO BE SICK, so you are going to make him better by
auditing something other than his desire to be sick?

     I don't think so.

     "What who me, take responsibility?"

     That's why they had the A-J check in the Church to catch the 'not
responsible for condition cases'.  But that's a strong claim position
don't you see.



     Until freedom of choice is restored.

     At purpose the being is aware he has a purpose and what it is.

     At NO purpose, the being is aware he has no purpose.

     At NO NO purpose, the being is no longer aware he has no purpose.

     NO purpose is inactuality.

     NO NO purpose is oblivion.

     When the being starts to go 360 (perceive all around), pictures
turning on, they will be of disaster.

     The point is that the weaker claim approach to clearing will only
produce results if the stronger claim ALLOWS it to.  In this case the
weaker claim approach is doomed.

     The weaker claim is the being is an innocent victim.

     The stronger claim is the being is an imp soul playing villain.

     The postulate that postulates don't work, works.

     Until that postulate is cleared or approached, no amount of other
auditing will make postulates work.

     Thus a top down look at why the being is suffering is necessary
to restoring his good humor.

     Without sovereignty for condition, there is no good humor.


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