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>Thank you Homer. That helps.

>But how would we apply this to a concrete example, such as a belief or
>an attitude like, "I hate my job" or "I hate John because ...[fill in
>the blank]"

     The hatred is a fumarole powered by underlying big stuff.

     Much hate for others is actually an alter-is of hate for ourselves.

     Most 'problems' that people have that they complain about are cover
ups for problems they can't confront at all and don't know about any
more.  The one's they know about take their attention off the one's that
scare the living daylights out of them.

     But the unconfrontable problems that are hidden are preceeded by
even bigger problems that the being COULD confront but chose not to.

     Can confront -> won't confront -> can't confront -> complaints
about life stuck conditions.

     Its like this, problem 1 long ago was 190 miles wide but you were
200 miles wide, so you could confront it easily.

     But you said, nah let's not confront this, that's boring, rather
have the problem than lose it.  This is NOT a flaw, its a joke, you are
playing on yourself.

     Then later another problem comes up that is 90 miles wide but you
are only 80 miles wide due to your prior postulate of won't confront, so
this problem is 'bigger than you' and you CAN'T confront it.  This is
such a ruin it sinks into oblvion forever more.

     Later you find yourself surrounded by a thousand 2 foot wide
problems, and even though you are 4 feet wide, you can't do anything
about them, because that would take you back to the real problem you
couldn't confront earlier when you were 80 miles wide.
     Thus the alter-is seeps up through the haze of oblivion attaching
very deep fears to apparent present time annoyances.

     Hate is about stopping by the way, there is a lot more to life that
you are trying to stop than your job.

     But how can you stop something you didn't start?  That's the
DEFINITION of psycho, trying to stop something he thinks he didn't

     Or trying to start something he didn't stop.

     The way to stop something is to start it again.  Just confronting
is a kind of continuous present time recreation of the confronted.  That
gets you out of the resistence that is piling up.

     But it is completely impossible to confront the later annoyances
because they just grind and grind and grind and will wear you down.  And
it is also completely impossible to confront the biggy you left behind,
because its bigger than you.

     But you CAN confront the prime problem that started the whole chain
because you were and are bigger than it all along.

     So that's the lie, life has done me in.  No you did yourself in,
but now its real until you regather the original lie out of the original

     Once you say something is unconfrontable, everything from there on
out IS unconfrontable, and no way around it without undoing the original
god postulate holding you down.

     "What do you hate about your job?"
     "What do you love about your job?"

     Back and forth will bring truths to the surface that are necessary
to as-is the real reasons attention is fixated.

     The hate for your job is a fumarole of hate sitting on a volcano of
hate.  Life is millions of little fumaroles blowing steam, charge, pain
etc, with zero awareness of the volcanic power going on underneath.
Find what you REALLY hate, the *BIG* one, the one that is ruining you
into disaster forever more, and all the other stuff stops being
important, and becomes changeable.

     It isn't easy doing this, you are not a small being up against a
small problem.

     You are an infinite being up against an infinite problem pretending
to be overwhelmed by an infinite number of finite problems.

     The original problem was no problems, just couldn't get them to
persist no matter what you did.  It really pissed you off.


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