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>Homer wrote:

>> The stronger claim, with a relatively clear view of the top, can
>> then derive workable techology through theory alone, as it has some
>> idea of where the being has been, where it is and where it is going.
>> The theory can fail on those who don't have the stomach yet for
>> the truth, so they end up squirreling anyhow.
>> Most religions that CLAIM to be stronger claim religions are
>> actually lies invented to keep the being down, so stronger claim
>> religions tend to get a bad name.

>How are religions forming their strong claims?

     Yes, models which are based on being and effect, lies.

     Religions FABRICATE their top level views based on diametric
opposition to God and Soul are One.

     They teach that God made Soul, that God made the universe, that
God put the soul in the universe, that God approves or does not
approve of the soul etc.  All of which teach separation of God and

     They promise in heaven the soul will be with God again, but
that's still separation compared to God and Soul are One.

     God did not choose, the soul chose.

     God is the underlying mechanism by which the soul can choose.

     NOTHING is created that a soul did not choose.

     Its is real easy to write a devil spew religion and spread it
around.  People suck it up because they know THEY didn't choose, and
they hope someone big who did choose will wreak justice on the evil who
are causing everyone so much trouble.

     That's a forever separation of the High-US from parts of itself.

     It's sick as sick comes.

>God is the Heavenly father, Mary the Earthly mother, and Jesus the Son
>who participates from both the Heavens and Earth. Jesus died as he was
>bound to Earth, but He resurrected as He was also a divine being. That
>is also the model Earth/Sky, the two main visible items for a man in
>raw nature here on Earth.

     But God the father loves his children SO MUCH that he won't
interfere or discipline when one child beats up on another child.  Any
human father acting this way would end up in jail for child abuse.

     Further the bad children are then punished FOREVER at the end of
their lives for the sins of 4 score and 20, with no hope of

     There is no sicker religion on the planet than Christianity.

     You will find more love in a Nazi concentration camp.

>Scientology is using the model of World War II. The thetans' home
>planets were invaded by invaders from outer space, like European
>countries were invaded by Hitler. Then men were held captive on Earth
>by extraterrestrial entities, like Jewish inmates were held captive in
>concentration camps by the Third Reich. Xenu had the purpose to commit
>a genocide and burned the bodies, like Hitler. The main suppressive
>persons on the time track are psychiatrists, like in concentration
>camps. In the end Hubbard was wearing a World War II uniform, had ships
>regulated by military policies, had his own army, the Sea Org, and his
>own intelligence service, the Guardian Office or OSA. In the novel
>"Battlefield Earth", the main extraterrestrial SP is Terl, but that is
>explained in one of the chapters that Terl comes from Hitler. Hitler
>was for Hubbard the prototype of the SP until the end.

    You have Hubbard's drama track confused with Scientology.

    I suggest you stop doing this.
    Scn has nothing to do with Xenu or anything that happened space

>When we have to explain something new, the first thing we do is to use
>old models, then we try to improve the models so that they explain
>better what is.

    You apparently have zero clue what Scn is.

>I have more to say, but not enough time, so I shall span the reply over
>several days.

    I would spend more time studying what Scn really is, rather
than posting your idiotic garbage.

    You figure out birth yet?


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