WHAT is in restimulation is the past.

     Loss, failure, reversal, departure, injury, crippling and death.

     WHY it is in restimulation is the future, fear of it happening
again, with threats in present time making him sure it will happen in
the future.

     The guy wouldn't be so bothered by the past if he weren't trying to
avoid a greater bother of like kind in the future.

     HOW it is in restimulation is your present time operational

     WHAT = the past.

     HOW = the present.

     WHY = the future.

     It is quite obvious that the reason we are involved with bodies at
all is to take care of them, and give them a good life, due to incidents
that happened between us and bodies in the past, especially cripplings
and death.

     So of course a being in a body in present time is going to be very
worried about death because that is just exactly what he doesn't want to
have happen again.

     But between each death is a birth and an assumption of a body.

     Just like any incident one needs to get the earlier beginning, and
the earlier beginning to being responsible for the death of a body,
either accidentally or intentionally, was being associated with them in
the first place.

     Thus you go up to a body, squeeze it with love a little too hard,
it reacts with confusion and fear and dies on the spot.

     I did this to a mouse once, held it in my hand and closed my
fingers around it, and gave it a *GENTLE* little squeeze.

     *THE MOUSE* had this enormous kick back reaction overestimating the
danger it was in, basically I scared it to death.

     It was quite amazing, the thing just died in my hand, and left me
feeling, well there are no words to describe it, unintentionally

     Saddest thing, this little mouse dead in my hand.  It was SO
counter to my intention.

     So a being does this to a body, then finds another body to take
care of to make up for the prior death.  Thus he *ASSOCIATES* with the
new body, either loosely, or tightly by entering it, in order to control
it, guide it, give it a better life than it would have gotten alone.

     And yes bodies are very grateful for being taken care of properly
by a wise thetan, but a thetan who is sub death on the tone scale trying
to make up for a past body death is not in good enough shape to take
care of anything, let alone a body.

     Especially once the thetan is so far gone on the subject of taking
care of bodies that he BECOMES the body, live once, die once, that's it
bud.  Its an effort to force being careful on himself.

     Knowing one is immortal leads to lackadaisical control over fragile
items and leads to unintended accidents.  So one figures that pretending
to mortal will put the fear of God into him and keep him on the straight
and narrow.

     Bye bye happiness, joy and laughter however.

     So the guy is all worried about upcoming death in his present body
and the deaths of others, and he's mortal as meat, so its all very
serious to him, and he wants to know how to audit it.

     Well certainly auditing out a past death will get him over his
mortality fast enough, and he will see WHY he has a body in the first
place and why he is so worried about future deaths.

     But between that last death and his present body was a BIRTH.

     And an assumption, a DONNING of the body as beingness and identity.

     He no longer is in association with bodies, he no longer is
having, owning, controlling, protecting bodies, he IS a body.

     That's at BEING OBJECTS down on the tone scale.

     When the horse rancher neighs at you, you know you have a problem.

     Now we don't have to run out the engram of BIRTH, because that's a
done to the body by the mother, but we do have to run out the engram of
the assumption, because the thetan took absolute control over the body
and submerged its very self determinism into a mausoleum.  He isn't
going to let that body do a thing or think a thought for itself.


     It's a very deep rock solid engram, and there is no auditing
outside of it, meaning the pc is not going to go earlier to a prior
death through that wall of charge on the assumption.

     He committed a HUGE overt act against the body and all of life by
becoming a body.  He may be overjoyed at the opportunity to make up for
his sorry miserable past, but at what cost to the body and life around

     He has it justified up the wazoo.

     And the body *LOVES AND HATES* him for it.

     Remember ANDS run where ORS won't.

     The body wants to be taken care of, but not that way.  Put
yourselves in its shoes.  Oh right, you already are.

     As long a the preclear thinks that birth and the assumption are a
good thing, and is using both as a solution to a prior death, the
preclear is himself sub death, that is sub distaster, inactuality,
delusion, hysteria, catatonia, shock and oblivion.

     The disaster was the prior body's life and death.

     The inactuality is the donning of a new body, BECOMING IT.  If you
ARE a body, you certainly haven't lived before.

     The delusion is the preclear thinks he IS a body.

     Hysteria is caused by the effort to ENTER AND LEAVE a body at the
same time.

     Catatonia is letting the world raise you.

     And Oblivion is your 9 to 5 life being a righteous asshole.

     The whole package is being sub death, because the being is no
longer being a thetan AT body death or even Pity on the tone scale, he's
being a BODY, at being objects on the tone scale.

     Being sub death, the preclear won't be able to run prior deaths,
except dub in.

     He will run them as a Black V.

     Let me tell you, a Black V never ran anything of worth.

     They will tell you they have, but they are monster food, every one.

     Black V's are for the birds, bird food has more free theta than a
Black V.

     There is full 360 viso at the moment of the incident your preclear
needs to run.

     He will first get 360 on the incident he needs to run, then he will
get 360 on his entire bank.  No worse hell than to be impinged upon by
every moment of unconfronted unwillingness the preclear and all his BT's
have accumulated over trillions of years.

     Then he will get 360 on the environment from inside his head.

     It will be crystal clear, as if etched in eternal glass, and will
be SMALLER than the visio presented by the body.

     There will be no need to get out of the body at all, because he
won't be impinging on the body at that moment.  It won't matter WHERE he
is, he will still be able to see everything crystal clear.

     WANTING to get out of your body is actually sub death apathy about
being free of your body, where you won't care if you are out of it or in

     Then he will be able to pull out of the body without trying to take
his body's viso with him.

     He's got his body's visio confused with his own, and he is
literally tring to rip the front of his face of and take it with him
when he tries to exteriorize.  This creates somatics.

     Once he has his own visio back, he can let go of the body's visio
which is big and crude.

     From the body's viewpoint the universe is designed to look
overwhelmingly HUGE.

     From the thetan's viewpoint the universe is big but it ain't THAT

     The thetan is natively a small crystal ball of clear vision, when
he enters a body he is suddenly confronted by this HUGE TV screen WAY
bigger than he is, which is providing the body's visio to him.

     Once exterior, the thetan can change his sense of size, but mostly
not by making himself bigger, but by fitting the entire universe within

     The first time a thetan walks into a body he is shocked by how BIG
the view screen of life is, like walking into an IMAX movie house with
100 foot surround sound screens.

     When he gets out of the body, he is much happier being small with
the entire universe within him, rather than the other way around, a huge
universe with him as a body lost inside it.

     Association, sex, birth, owning, controlling, protecting, and
assuming/donning bodies are the earlier beginning to death and
becoming sub death as a thetan.

     Past, present and future, are what, how and why.

     Fail to audit at your own risk.


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