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>Is the one way "Dwindling spiral" to the pit, zillions of creepy
>crawlers as a "present time problem," and endless-think-think
>introspection about these things (as opposed to living), and obsession
>with e-meters:

      There is knowing how to know answers to questions, and there are
answers thus found out or come to be known.

      The first is Scientology technology, and the second are the results
of applicaiton of that technology.

      Dwindling spiral is answer known, not part of Hubbard's case but
everyone's case.  It comes from the tendency of a thetan to want
persistence, thus accumulating mass that never as-ises, the thetan gets
heavier and heavier and less able to operate.  This is by intent.

      Primary mechanism is reversal of time events in the DED/DEDEX
sequence.  Pc does something, regrets it, finds a justifier AFTER the
fact and uses the justifier to BOTH restrain AND justify doing again the
same overt act.  RESTRAINT AND JUSTIFICATION (leading to REPETITION of
the act) is a common AND on a case that needs to be audited out.

      AND's audit where OR's don't.  because insanity audits where
sensibility won't.

      Zillions of creepy crawlers are again a direct perception of those
that can see other's directly without using or needing a body to see
with or to be seen with.

      Again this is in the category of answer known for those who can
know it.

      Any alcholic suffering withdraw will tell you about bugs running
through his body.  Those are after death engrams coming to the surface
for duration of the withdrawal.  Once one starts to go clear revivs, as
they are called, become common during sessions and during dreams the
next night.

      Introspection is a Scientology thing, a level of the awareness
characteristic scale.  Those above introspection do not introspect so
much, nor do those well below it.  The enforced extroversion of the
fixidity case is hardly sane.

      E-meters are the most amazing invention since fire.  E-meters in
fact allow Scientology to be approached with some level of MESTY
precision and science.

      That's in the answer known department too.

      Most people have no clue how to use an E-meter, what to look for,
why they read, or what to do about reads.

      People who have a problem with E-meters have had withholds
incorrectly indicated to them using one, and or existing withholds

      E-meters to a withholdy preclear are like tribbles to a Klingon.

      But e-meters in the hands of a withholdy pc are hell on earth.

>3) Part of Hubbard's "grim joke" on his followers - used as a
>distraction and as "glue," as he did what he actually wanted to do,
>which was collect blackmail, money and power, and, ultimately, build
>monuments to himself, both in the physical world and between people's

      This was part of Hubbard's Justification case, and his personal
dwindling spiral.

      If he intended this from the beginning, then he created the
greatest bait and switch in the history man, and considering the
intelligence, compassion, insight, workability and beauty of the output
of his first 20 years of work, he was 100 million times brighter than
you, so there is little shame in having fallen for it.

Tue Oct 11 17:06:26 EDT 2016