OK, so collapsed space = withhold, restraint and justification.

     Notis-ness of withhold leads to inactuality, which leads to delusion,
hysteria, shock, catatonia, and oblivion.

     Now when I was in the church, back when they were still doing
some real auditing, they ran me on withholds, and misssed withholds,
for hours and hours and hours etc.

     But nothing ever came up.  Green forms, red forms, yellow forms,
even the dreaded black form, but no black core incident, no relief, no
case gain.

     Just endless sad effect at the Examiners passing as an F/N.


     Wrong process?

     Audited by black core beings?

     Source was a black core being?

     PC was surrounded by black core BT's?

     PC part of a black core cluster?

     PC selling black core licenses to mothers to breed out of season
and for the wrong reason?

     PC unable to confront?

     PC unwilling to confront?

     PC intentionally wasting everyone's time and his own money?

     PC had a covert purpose to being audited?

     PC failed his A to Z, I mean J?

     1000 hours later pc still hadn't given auditing enough time or
the church enough money?

     Let us once again hear the crowds speak their wisdom, what is the
exact correct why for my case failure?

     Do correct why's open the door?


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