A very good posting from the motivator side of things.  A 1950's
child has a lot to cope with, the draft and atomic war not the least of
them, including the institutionalized bigotry of Christian-inanity, and
the other religious inanities all vying to send each other to hell ahead
of time, can't wait for the armageddon, where's the button I want to
push it NOW, kind of mentality.

      It is quite bad enough when the child with all his allies and
friends have to face the onslaught of planetary insanity in the zombie
zone, and its even worse when the child's parents, teachers, friends,
and government are themselves zombie zoners.

      Then the child gets into an only one condition, "I against the
world" and he knows he can not win, but can at least take out a few of
the enemy with kamikazee.  'If I gotta die, I might as well take out one
of the enemy with me'.  - Adore.

      Thus doing an inventory of terror and desperate futures might be a
good idea.

      Maybe you could 'open a case' with all this, surely you could get
someone to talk his havingness down forever on the utter unspoken
enormity of how bad it is out there living amonst the 'life is grand'
zombie zoners, but I don't think any real case gain will be made because
it is all flow 1.

      ((One needs to run what solutions he has had to the incoming flow 1 
motivators, that will run his havingness up rather than down.  This is a 
covert form of running flow 2's, but more direct to the flow 1 under 
consideration, because each solution IS a flow 2 overt.))

      Flow 1 goes no where except into the pc's face.

      The pc knows he can't confront it, and he's right.

      Only the flow2 and the flow0 make the flow 1 make sense and allow
it to resolve.

      There are two critical questions that a pc has to ask.

      Where am I, and what am I doing here?

      More specifically he needs to audit two choices.

      The choice to become associated with bodies and eventually control
them from the inside.

      The choice to BE a body in his own mind, forgetting his first

      Viewer of dimension points becomes a dimension point to be viewed.

      There is a lot worse stuff on the track than what is going on here
on Earth.  One can run motivators for ever.

      But the being is out of contact with WHY he is involved with
bodies, and has finally come to make a virtue out of a horrible
'necessity'.  "We need suffering to experience pleasure."

      The hell we do.

      The mortal meat case is also further out of contact with his choice
to forget his choices and become a body completely as if he was nothing

      The first state is probably auditable by most people and with
extant technologies, the second state is, in my opinion, beyond anyone
at this time.


coffeycup said:
>     Part of the problem, is that we are living in a very suppressive
>environment, there are a ton of enforced ignorances out there.  At any
>time, place or event, these ignorances can be forced upon you.  For
>any being, living in a humanoid enviroment is a stressful, and stress
>filled experience.  The future for the meat body cannot be assured,
>the plans and objectives cannot be guaranteed to be fulfilled.  It is
>a problem of comparable magnitude, to auditing a case, confronting a
>case, and getting any case gain, staying alive.  You are auditing in a
>PTS state, PTS to the environment around you.  And the more people
>there are, the more randomnity there is, the more likely you feel the
>walls of this machine-robot-human ignorant attack-dog reality will
>close in on you.  None of this is conducive to survival, intelligence,
>happyness, well- ness, stability, case gain, auditing or other.
>     This is the unresolved issue facing all auditors, and all PC's
>and any case at all.  The environment.
>     At any moment, the Psychs could be given unfettered powers to
>claim anything about anyone one at anytime, and treatments with a
>covertly hostile or docile ignorant face given to your detriment.  As
>most case gain phenomenon, and ability gain would be considered to be
>psychosis, or psychotic.  Fun hah?  This is the environment you are
>living in, and it is amazing many of you survive at all.
>     Be aware of your auditing environment drills would come in handy,
>bringing up to the surface, to view, the deep hidden unconscious fears
>of being made the effect of the robopathic hostile, and
>sociopathically hostile environment around you.  These items will be
>found on anycase, that is low in awareness, deep hidden fears and
>terrors related to their present-time environment, as well as memories
>of the environment, and future prospects in that environment; sort of
>GPM items, unconscious, hidden, in restimulation, by-passed charged,
>on the environment, and the viewpoint of that being related to their
>physical vessel, their body, their survival, identifications with,
>hiding from, black-cat forms (see scientology dictionary), past,
>present and future.  Auditing being about the accessing of items, and
>the attention put on those items, without all kinds of other items of
>charge coming into it, drug-case, enturbulation, particles,
>comm-cycle, file clerk.
>     That's what a Bridge is about, a gradient of confront, a gradient
>of handlings of present time environment problems, and then auditing
>the case, the memories.
>     Problem, the reason they have a case, is that they have been
>forced to obey rules, have had barriers and restrictions, enforce,
>inhibit, deny; consistently and in restimulation by the group, on the
>individual, closing in their space, and making them effect.  Solution,
>is uknown.  Dynamics, interactions, have been other-determined, their
>1st dynamic has been squashed and made invalid, by various of the
>other dynamics.
>     There are some unordered thoughts on the subject of auditing.
>And all the time the other robots want you to conform, obey, submit,
>fit in, follow, and be happy about it.

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