Here is what Adore says about total responsibility.

     RESPONSIBILITY means you either created it or approved of it.

     If you cease creating it, or approving of it, it will cease to

     The apparency that one can not stop creating something is born of
not really wanting to stop it yet, no matter how much one thinks one

     Apparently not knowing how one created OR IS CREATING something, nor how
to stop creating it is part of the safety latch to keep things
around until one is really ready to know how to operate again.

     There is usually a flinch to having unlimited power.

     Adore is a baby phase religion, its concept of 'the beginning of
things' may not be the actual beginning.  This is its concept of the
beginning as far back as it can imagine.

     When a thetan first wakes up from static, the Big Snooze, it is

     If it wishes to not be alone it can either shatter and play with
itself for a while, or it can put out a resonant call to other thetans
who are also awake putting out a similar resonant call.

     Once it joins with those other thetans, it can create games from
there, or it can join with those others and pretend to be one and
shatter and go on from there.  In this latter case, every shatter
fragment may have a 'piece'of all beings in it.

     Thetan's are not made of something that can shatter, so
shatter is poetic at best.

     When the waking thetan first puts out his resonant call to other
waking thetans, if there are no other thetans putting out a resonant
call at that time, the first thetan can either continue on alone for a
while and try again later, or it can go back to sleep, OR it can go back
to sleep with a sign on its door saying that any resonant call that
comes in from another thetan should wake it immediately.

     A resonant call issued by one thetan to gather other thetans of
like mind into a group is not sufficient to wake a sleeping thetan
UNLESS they have left a 'door sign' that they should be so woken by a
resonant call.

     When waking thetans put out resonant calls to each other they join
together into a co conscious group of UNANIMOUS CONSENT.

     Each thetan approves of and agrees that all other thetans should be
there, and each thetan is ABLE to be there in the group only because all
thetans including himself, are willing (and causing) him to be there.

     Each chooses to choose, each chooses that others should choose, and
each chooses that all should choose more.

     Otherwise no one could choose anything in the group.

     Thus total responsibility for condition is maintained across all
thetans at all times.

     A thetan in his opening state, either alone or after grouping with
others of like mind is in a state of operating approval.

     Approval is the relationship he holds with the world, himself and
all others, and it is his basic flow, OKness, "I am and I *LIKE* it!"

     If at any time thetan B creates something as part of the group that
thetan A does not approve of, thetan A will withdraw his approval of the
creation and it will vanish immediately through discreation, for ALL
beings in the group including thetan B.

     This happens because the group is fundamentally a group of
unanimous consent.  If any one being disagrees with a creation, that's
the end of that creation *BY AGREEMENT*.

     If any one being disagrees with the existence of another being in
that group, that other being is immediately unlinked from the group.  If
others disagree, then the first disagreer is unlinked.  Unanimousness is
always conserved.

     Thus total responsibility is maintained in that any creation was
either created OR approved of by the thetan, or else it wouldn't exist
for anyone in that group.

     Now it is possible for Thetan A to say "Hey wouldn't it be grand if
I could create and approve of something that you didn't approve of and
you couldn't get rid of it anyhow!"

     Perhaps thetan B and all other thetan's go "Hey that's a cool idea,
we *APPROVE!*"

     Again total responsibility for condition is maintained because all
thetans either created the idea or approved of it.

     Now just because a thetan approves of something, doesn't mean he is
stuck with it.  As long as he is in contact with his approval of the
creation or his postulates about that creation, no matter what it is, he
can always withdraw his approval, no matter how long time later, and
that creation or postulate about the creation will vanish.

     The only way a thetan can become stuck with a creation is to lose
contact with his approval of it, whether or not he created it.  Remember
even if he created it, he still had to approve of it in order to keep it
around.  This is knowing willing cause.  The being always has veto power
over ANY creation, his or others, and if he fails to veto something, it
means tacit or explicit approval.

     This mechanism of losing contact with one's own approval for
something was itself created and approved of by all thetan's in the
group!  So this mechanism too can be withdrawn at any time IF the thetan
can recontact his approval of it.

     Contacting approval of disapproval or the failure to veto an
inability to veto, can be a bear though.

     So the thetans in the group have now created and approved of a way
to have persisting disapprovals, apparencies of no responsibility,
conflict, and inability to as-is.

     This leads to not-is which leads to unexpected collisions of
creation, surprises, errors, mistakes, and accidents, the possibility
for ALL of which were created and approved of by the thetans each step
of the way as they descended into this game.

     Given this, any persisting unwanted condition the thetan finds
himself in, will contain denials of approval and responsibility involved
in it, in order to keep it going.

     Responsibility means full knowing willing cause with full awareness
of the consequences because the consequences or their possibility were
themselves created as an adjunct to the original creation.

     The being may say "I don't know what will happen," but he has said
"SOMETHING *WILL* happen".  Thus he gets a surprise acting as a
consequence to some other earlier creation.

     Thus a thetan is able to not know what will happen, and yet remain
fully responsible for the fact of its happening.

     And since veto power always remains, and thus the being is always
fully responsible for any persisting thing whether he created it
knowingly, or it was a 'total suprise'.
     The apparent loss of knowing willing cause was itself created,
considered and approved of by one and all as part of the mastery of
tapestry (creation of the game).

     Thus across all beings and all things total responsibility is at
all times maintained.

     Spotting the moments of total responsibility, creation and
approval, is all that is necessary to vanish any creation.

     If one wants wants it to continue, one can simply go back to
irresponsibility, disapproval and denial in order to keep it around.

     "Hey my veto doesn't work any more!"


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