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     Place an apple on a table.

     Now envision a second apple next to it of similar kind.

     How well can you see it?

     0 percent?  10 percent?  50 percent?  80 percent?  100 percent?

     200 percent?  Can you make your mockup MORE real than real?

     Now when my space opens up I can see again, 360 degrees, surround
sound, total living breathing reality, much more real than my pathetic
perceptions of the mest universe through my body's eyes.

     Dreams can be the same way.

     Now Ted says I am not a Black V because I have vivid dreams, but
the dreams are not MY mockups, they are created by something else for
me to see, just like the physical universe is.  Sometimes I can
command my dream makers to present me with things, girls, pianos,
vistas etc, or I can beg and plead, but most often I get what I get in
a rather dependable cycle of 'bugs and babes.'
     I can't just say 'now I want to see a piano' and have one appear
in full regalia.

     And if I don't make good TA in sessions during the day, my dreams
dry up and become nothing at all.
     Because I can't make mockups under my consciou control, I can't
create beauty or even ugly for myself, I am totally dependent on my
body's senses to see a pretty girl or hear a beautiful piece of music.

     If a recording of music is gone in the physical universe, its
GONE, it is no longer available to me through mockups.

     Even if I know the music well.

     Even if I can PLAY the music on the piano, without actually doing
so, there is not a note be heard.

     I can hear music in my dreams, and SOMETIMES I can hear music and
see scenes when I am awake, usually on the verge of sleep after a
really good session.  But again I can't command it, its not mine.  it
doens't follow MY intention.

     Sit down at a piano.  Play middle C.  Then HEAR middle C in your
mind.  Can you do it?  I can't.  And I been trying for 50 years.  So
it is quite amazing to me when I wake up some mornings and Tchaikovsky
or Beethoven is *POURING* through the wall as if some neighbor has
their stereo on too high.  I open my eyes, the music goes away, I
close my eyes, it comes back.  I have no control over it at all.
Eventually it just goes away and stays away.
     Now Alan and Ted who like to berate Homer because they haven't a
single clue what to actually do for him, talk about auditing positives
and mocking up visions of dreams.
     All of which is well and good on an is-ness level pc who is not
bogged down below inactuality and oblivion.
     In a Black V condition, there is no mocking up anything but pain,
the forces in the space just knock any attempted mockup to pieces and
any effort to force the matter causes serious harm to body space.
     In other words mockups don't get better with practice as long as
there is counter intention to making them.

     Now the bright little hyenia will ask well what's the counter
intention already?

     When I find out I will let everyone know.

     It's related to the choice to become mortal.

     Why would a Sovereign put himself on death row?

>Mockups are spontaneous spiritual acts of imagination, creation, dreaming.
>I have no idea how to stifle a mockup. It's so fast it's already done.  
>Could attempt to obviate certain kinds of mockups in the future by
>postulate, or to encourage certain kinds of mockups in the future by

>How could a mockup be thwarted? Even if one is very busy with work tasks, 
>they are still mocking up during that time, often related to work, or 
>other topics such as that they're going to do after they finish work, on 
>the weekend, at lunch, mocking up designs/models/constructs, etc.


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