The following is about MORTAL men and MORTAL women.

     Mortal means the being believes incorrectly that they live once,
die once and that's it bud.
     Neither understand that they are a full instantiation of God in

     Mortal women think the universe is womanly.

     Mortal men think the universe is manly.

     Neither understands that the universe is divine.
     From Adore:

     Mortal men fight wars with each other because they can't stand
their mothers.

     They want to kill their mothers, but unable to do so they take to
killing each other.

     Eventually they get the other guy to kill their mothers for them.

     Any man who mistreats women hates his mother, the women he
mistreats are substitutes for his mother.

     Mortal women criticize in men what they are jealous of.

     What the man hates in his mother, is his mother's refusal to
operate in the man what the man has, which the women doesn't have and
which the women needs and is jealous of, which is mastery of offense and
to be leaders of women and their children.

     To lead means to have others follow you where you can and have
gone, so they can go there too.

     But just as a child does not go where a woman goes until it grows
up, women does not go where the man goes until the woman becomes a man
in a next life.
     There will always be exceptions, and this applies mostly to mortal
women with child.

     Women seek mastery of defense.

     Men seek master of offence.

     Women can not go where she can not take her children, the man is
not so limited.

     Her tits are a symbol to women of this limitation.

     Her hatred of her tits, her womanhood and of men are the source of
her breast cancer.

     Get the idea of a woman giving a male child a cancerous tit.

     The purpose of the man is to seek out danger before it finds him.

     NO women with child operates that way.

     Men take their vision statement from women.
     Women take their mission statement from men.

     Vision statement is where we want or need to go.

     Mission statement is how to get there.
     Vision is a better world through better children.

     Mission is shut up bitch, and let us build the fucking school
already, and while you are at it, feed the men :)

     The woman's place is not in the kitchen, nor the home, nor even the

     The woman's place is WITH THE CHILDREN first, and after that
maintaining the supply lines and care facilities for the men who are
going out of bounds to seek danger before it seeks them.

     Leadership is the ability to lead the MISSION.

     Thus men are the leaders of women and children, and take point on
the journey.

     Can you imagine a man saying to his wife with child "You take

     Of course you might have to search a while to find a real man
considering what women are issuing from their wombs.

     Although women take their marching orders from men, men get their
vision statement from women.  Without that vision statement, men can not
operate and will turn against their women by turning against each other.
This is the source of insanity in wars.

     This is particularly true when the woman's highest vision is that
everyone should be womyn.

     "The highest pleasure of an (insane) warrior to see the burning
villages of his enemies and to hear the wailing of their women.  -

     When it comes to the children, the man is pilot and the woman is co

     Women who can't stand being co pilot will marry inferior men who
are unworthy of being pilot, and then use them as proof that men and
women are 'equal', or that women can do anything a man can do only

     The above material is not acceptable to mortal women, they do not
take kindly to having their jealousy missed.
     Hyper critical of men = Jealousy.

     Yes men misbehave, the jealous woman wishes she could too, and get
away with it.

     Such sweet beings, women are.

     Where men are overtly destructive, women are covertly destructive.

     The above is not acceptable to mortal men, who are still trying to
get laid, or who are on the verge of becoming mortal women themselves in
their next life.

     Women are fully responsible for how their men turn out.

     Women are an incubator for true manhood.

     Since women will never take full responsibliity for the issue of
their wombs, the future of Earth is grim.


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