A being in a body can not rest for long.

     The call of duty and the impingement of life and survival
necessities force him to get up and do something constructive towards
those ends.

     A body that is wounded needs to rest in order to heal.  This can
be counter to the need to get up and go in order to survive.

     But a body can also suffer from psychosomatic woundings that are
a result of the thetan body conflict going on between the two.

     Psychosomatic woundings can be every much as wounding as physical
trauma.  Cancers, lukemias, allergies, asthmas, environmental
sensitivities etc are all examples of this category.

     Since they are being caused by what the thetan is DOING to the
body, one has to ask, should one heal them by doing or by not doing?

     Acute psychosomatic woundings can heal in miraculous time once
the being stops causing them.  So sometimes just getting a being to DO
something other than hurt the body can itself be a cure.

     Chronic long term psychosomatic woundings can also heal in
miracle time, but often need an exact indication of whats going on to
get the being to stop hurting the body.  This is where auditing comes

     Now work towards survival itself can be wounding, particularly if
the being has installed psychosomatic damage in the channels of
control.  The more the guy works, the sicker he becomes.

     It can even get to a point where SLEEP makes him ill, because the
psychomatic damage takes place during sleep where it is uncontrolled
and rampant.  At least when he is awake he can WATCH himself do it,
when he is asleep its 8 or more hours of damage with no respite.

     A common example of this is when a child decides to go to sleep
to forget some trauma going on in his life, and succeeds in doing so.
Forever afterwards sleep becomes an effort to forget charged events,
and thus of course sleep hurts the body because the concommittant
effort to forget kills it.

     It takes a LOT of effort directed at the back of the brain and
awareness systems to shut out a memory for good.

     Black V's are dead men walking.

     So a being in a state of life threatening chronic psychosomatic
damage has to decide whether to do or not do, and if to do, what to

     He can't work normal survival channels because they make him

     He can't just be still and do nothing, an effort to rest, because
that doesn't stop the damage either, its on automatic.  And he is
getting further and further behind in his survival needs which starts
to drive him to hysteria and desperation.

     So he turns to auditing which is a fix and repair detour to
getting on with survival.

     Now most people who come into auditing are doing well in life,
they have charge around them but its not in restimulation, and so
periodically when it does get restimulated, they have reactions which
they would like to overcome.

     Thus they sit down at the auditing table, the auditor quickly
gets an F/N on ruds, and then selectively starts to probe the
quiescent charge around the being for something that can be
restimulated, cleared and thus erased.

     Auditing is like precision surgical bull bait.

     After such actions the being has more free theta which is now
his, to enjoy life with, and has less fear of reaction because
he knows there is one less source of reaction hiding in his space to
dramatize him when it gets triggered.

     But the other guy who is in a chronic state of damage is in a
very different state.  He sits down at the table, and his TA is at
5.5.  He can't float any ruds because his condition is a present time
problem of long duration that needs to be solved NOW or he won't
survive at all, particularly if its stopping him from working.

     Now work itself might be some of the source of his chronic
restimulation, he might be very off purpose, at the end of a long GPM
opposing himself, and thus surviving in life by essentially throwing
his time in life away.

     Maybe he gets to eat, but nothing real gets done and beings hate
that, subsistence level hand to mouth survival.

     He may still be around or associated with the beings that came into
conflict with his originals goals that gave him purpose to live.  In
this case he is under persistent present time suppression.  He may even
WORK for such people and thus himself continuously be enhancing his
degraded being status.

     Or maybe he LOST the beings that gave him purpose to live, and now
without them, he can't win.

     In the first case, spotting the SP's in his environment can help
him get out from under their suppression of invention.  The SP can be
very specific or very wide like 'the public at large'.  He can stop
working for them, throw off the yoke of burden, and suddenly go very
free and become an easy to audit case.

     In the second case, you have a deeper problem to solve, he has to
rehab his desire and confidence that he can rebuild his team and get on
with it.

     If he lost his entire team, then everyone else he has been living
around is almost assuredly indifferent, unable to rise to, or opposed to
his goals or they would already have become a new team, and thus he will
be found to be PTS to everyone.

     In any case the chronic somatic case and the easy to F/N case are
two completely different cases and need to be approached in different

     The easy to F/N case just needs his next thing restimulated and
erased.  The auditor doesn't have to know how to fix the case because
the guy is already fixed, he just needs preventative maintenance.

     The chronic somatic case needs his entire present time
rehabilitated and handled, and no charge on his case will be available
to view until that is done.  This takes an auditor who knows the
anatomy of ascent and descent upside down, forwards and backwards.


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