This posting was written a little too fast and thus confuses a few
things into one.

     There are games that one is willing to play and win or lose.

     There are games the being is unwilling to play.

     Some of those games however the being feels he must play

     Usually such games have terrible consequences if he loses.

     But they can also have bad consequences if he wins.

     Scarcity of games can come about for many reasons, but primarily
the existence of games has become a game itself, and if one loses the
game of creating games, then there are no more games FOREVER.

     Life in a body for example is a game of creating games, namely ways
to feed oneself.  Each act of hunting, killing and eating is a game
cycle.  Once completed, a new one must be created and won.

     Because everyone dies as a body in the end, this particular game of
games is eventually lost by everyone no matter how good one is, but one
can also lose it earlier than natural death, by getting eaten oneself or
through unnatural reasons.

     Thus every one has some resistance to playing this game of life,
but feels they must do so to stay alive in order to have any games at
all, hopefully more fun ones while they remain alive.

     So the existence of (fun) games has been tied to WINNING the game
of food, shelter and support, and thus obtaining fun games can become a
very serious game indeed.

     This is all the more so if the being in the body thinks it IS a
body, and dies for good when the body dies.  Their level of seriousness
is so serious about anything they do, it can fall into NO SERIOUSNESS,
and total irresponsibility and glee.

     Such a being will waste what games he has, and other's games too,
until he has no more.




     Desire is a fountain.

     If you are an eternal, then desire connects you to the fountainhead
of source, from which all power flows, and from whence came your present
manifestation in immortal or mortal space time.

     If you are a mortal or ephemeral, well then desire is a fountain :)

     There are desires on all 8 dynamics, self, family, groups, mankind,
life forms, MEST, spirit and The Infinite.

     Desire puts havingness into the future.  One can have merely by
wanting, but generally one desires to play the game of chasing to get
instead.  Once one gets, then the game is over, and one has to get on
with the next desire.

     Desire is fundamentally a dissatisfaction with the here now,
coupled to a vision of a more satisfactory there then.  Once the there
then becomes the here now, the desire is fulfilled, and the next
dissatisfaction is targeted or created and pursued to completion.  In
this way a being can stay busy and happy forever.

     A 'sit' or 'situation' is the greatest dissatisfaction that the
being can do something about in present time.

     A sit is the furthest departure from a present time ideal scene.

     Happiness depends on the willingness to play, to engage in the
chase.  Where there is no willingness to play, one can only play under
protest and that is not happiness even if you win.

     Willingness to play depends on willingness to win or lose the
particular game in question.  
     People will willingly play lots of games they HAVE to play, but
that's under the duress of necessity.  That is not the willingness
that produces happiness.

     Thus the happiness of PLAYING a game that a being is truly willing
to play, is replaced by the tainted happiness of WINNING a game the being
wished he didn't have to play.

     He is happy he got the deer so he can eat, but he's sad for the

     Every time he wins his happiness is alloyed with wishing things
could have been some other way.

     Once any game is won or lost, the *GAME* is lost, and so there must
be another game to play.

     In a scarcity of games, one becomes unwilling to win or lose,
because there are no more games, and thus one also becomes unwilling to
play (lest he win or lose), but considers he must play, so he plays
anyhow all the while fearing he will ultimately win or lose.

     No one in their normal human right mind would willingly create or
play a game whose outcome determined whether there would be any more
games to play ever again.

     There might be some glory in playing such a game, but even if he
wins he will always be wishing that things were some other way.

     Having to play and being unwilling to play leads one to trying to
get others to play for you, which is called criminality, cheating in
other words.

     A scarcity of games can be created by connecting the existence of
future games to the winning or losing of a present game.  If you win the
present game, you get to play again.  If you lose the present game,
that's it folks, no more games.

     A worse scarcity of games can be created by having only one game to
play whether one wins or loses it.  When its done, no more games, either

     A super scarcity of games can be created when the game one is
playing is 'won' only by extending its time of play, and eventually you
lose it anyhow no matter what.  This game degenerates to only how long
one can keep the game going.

     Staying alive for most meatballs is such a game.

     Willingness to play is long gone.

     There is,


     NO desire does not mean an absence of desire but refers to the
pretense of no desire that results from suppression.  NO is the 5th item
in the CDEINR scale of failure.

     Curious about, Desire, Enforce, Inhibit, *NO*, Refused.

     Although 'Desire' is also a level of the CDEINR scale, desire is
also its own item to which the entire scale can apply.

     One can be curious about desire, desire desire, enforce desire,
inhibit desire (suppress desire or desire to NOT desire), pretend there
is no desire, and refuse desire.

     More formally there is,

        DESIRE FOR   and       DESIRE FOR NOT

     Desire for, is desire for the presence of something, and desire for
not, is desire for the absence (for the not presence) of something.

     There is also,


     Desire to desire is a healthy desire that loves itself.
     Desire to not desire is when people desire things that they wish
they didn't desire but can't help it.  

     In the process of chasing desires, a being can fall down the scale
of failure:


     More technically it goes like this, reading down each column,

     The first column relates to wanting to have something you don't have.

     The second column relates to wanting to not have something you
feel stuck with.
         Starting state         Starting state         CDEINR
     1.) Desire to Have         Desire to Not Have     Desire
     2.) Must have              Must Not Have          Enforce
     3.) Can't have             Can't Not Have         Failure
     4.) Desire to not have     Desire to Have         Inhibit
     5.) Don't Have             Have                   No (pretense)
     6.) Must not have          Must Have              Refused

     Descending the scale is a scale of failure to get what you desire,
to unget what you do not desire.

     Must have and must not have are need, the being considers his
survival depends on having what he desires.  Otherwise they remain
merely desires.

     A being at the top of the scale will desire something, and at the
bottom will refuse it even if given to him.

     A being failing to get what he originally desires will form a
substitute desire and failing that, form more substitute desires.  The
being will continue to substitute forever, laying layer after layer of
failure on himself until he can't stand up any more.

     There are two types of games, those that the being is willing to
play and which he enjoys playing, win or lose, and those which the being
is unwilling to play.

     He can be unwilling to lose because the consequences are no more
games, we call these fragile immortalities.  A fragile immortality can
live forever until he loses some particular game, then that's it for

     He can be unwilling to win because that makes someone else lose,
again fragile immortalities can become a real problem to him.

     He can also be in games where he and everyone else are going to
lose anyhow one day, we call these fragile mortalities.  The game of
survival of the body is lost when the body dies, no matter how long one
managed to keep it alive.

     Efforts to create biological immortality are efforts to kick games
of fragile mortality back up to fragile immortality.

     However in the physical universe eventually all bodies are going to
die one day, no matter what.

     If there is a finite probability of something happening, given an
infinite amount of time, it WILL happen.

     You can only stay alive AS a physical universe entity for so long
before the universe eats you.

     The game of how long can you keep the game going before you lose,
no matter what, and no longer have any more games to play, is not a fun
game to play and will and has led to deeper cruelties on the whole track
than anyone can confront in present time.

     Beings playing games they are not willing to win or lose, tend not
to play well, and accumulate charge as they do, and thus tend to lose
sooner than later.

     When running the times of no desire and desire, one is not at all
interested in WHAT is desired or not desired.  These just fixate the
pc's attention on late on the chain substitutes for failure and will
cause him a loss.  Certainly let the pc talk about these various desires
and failures, but never ask him for them.  You want to audit his DESIRE,
not WHAT he desires or has desired or not desired.

     In general the WHAT's he gives you will be late on the chain
substitutes, but if the process is pursued, they will go earlier and
earlier to prime desire.

     Desire is a fountain, if you audit NO desire and SOME desire, what
he desires will bubble up and spray all over the place.

     Indoctrinate that desire is desire for change in present time,
namely to bring about a presence or an absence.

     Indoctrinate that no desire does not mean absence of desire, but
suppression of desire to a point of pretense of no desire.

     No desire will read in the presence of suppressed desire, and will
float in the true absence of desire which is native state.

     Always run the NO item first, and the SOME item second.

     Entire cases are bypassed by assessing for the item first and never
assessing for the NO item.  Take any CS 53RJ or other assessment or
correction list, and run all the items on them as NO items and see what
you get.  It will blow your socks off.  Don't bypass NO DISASTER.

     If the process stops running without major release, get back in
sync with the layering of failures by skipping a command.

     No desire, desire, no desire, desire, no desire, no desire, desire
etc.  Skip commands until the process starts running and reading again.
No desire, no desire, desire, desire, (reads), no desire, desire...

     You may have to resync the process a number of times.  These flows
are HEAVY, you must run them at their behest.


     Tell me about no desire.
     Tell me about some desire.

     Tell me about no desire to desire.
     Tell me about some desire to desire.

     Tell me about no desire to not desire.
     Tell me about some desire to not desire.

     What you are running out here is nothing less than the fountainhead
of source and the pc's reason for being.

     You are running en mass, everything the pc has ever desired or is
desiring or will desire on the whole track past present and future.

     This done, it will reconnect the pc with his fountainhead of source
(native state), and his original desire to manifest, which he is
presently pretending is a no desire to manifest.

     He can start desiring again in present time as if he just came in.

     E/P is being is brand new, in control, dangerous as hell, and
having fun creating and playing games again.

     Watch it though, desire has a dark side.

     You will know it when he starts designing the game of games again.

     It's an acquired taste, based on choosing to not know he chose. :)


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