Desire is dissatisfaction with the here now, usually accompanied by
a more desirable vision of a there then.  The game becomes to realize
the envisioned there then into the here now.

     When it comes to operating desire, the being has three choices.

     He can put something where there is nothing.  This is the prime act
of creation.

     He can put nothing where there is something.  This is the prime act
of destruction (through as-isness).

     He can change something into something else.  This is the prime act
of change.

     Thus we have start, change, stop.

     Change is best accomplished by first destroying what one doesn't
want and then putting in its place something one does want.

     Trying to change A into B is alter-isness, but as-ising A, and then
putting B in its place completes a clean cycle of change.

     To a being that can create in the mere conception of things, desire
can be a problem.

     One might think this wouldn't be the case, since by desiring and
thus conceiving of something he would immediately get it, and by not
desiring and thus unconceiving of something, he would immediately remove

     Thus changing the unwanted here now to a wanted there then should
be an easy process, as easy as getting it right in your mind's eye.

     Locate what you don't want.

     Locate what you do want,

     Thus it should be made so, in the proper deconception of the old
and conception of the new.

     However at deeper levels of game play, desire has desired to not be
so sovereign, desire wants a game which it can lose, to which the
outcome is uncertain and to which the desired end result is in the
future after appropriate amounts of chase.

     Thus desire can enjoy the chase and not know the outcome until
the end.  This allows the other side to win on an 'even steven' basis.

     That an Omni Sovereign being would create a game of chase that
he could lose, is absurd on the face of it.

     It doesn't help that it's true.


     We have learned in prior postings on 'Self Answering Questions',
that some questions are the cause of their own continuance.

     What creates a condition and what continues the condition are two
completely different causes.

     This is because creating an as-isness which originates something,
and creating an alter-isness which continues something are two different
actions even though they may be applied at the same time, in one move.

     Thus in a dream anything can start a tidal wave coming at you but
it will continue only if you 'grab the ball and run with it'.

     Only if you 'get into the problem' of the tidal wave, get worried,
concerned, and start to run from it, will the tidal wave get bigger,
because now you are putting your own energy into its existence.  This is
one of the rules of dream magic, if someone tosses you a ball, and you
grab the ball and run with it in all seriousness, well then you will
have a ball.

     On the other hand if you simply face the tidal wave and say 'not
now' you can smooth it out so it no longer comes at you.  Of course your
dream may initiate some other thing that will then need to be handled,
as that is what dreams do, but only those things that get you to flinch,
take them for actual and start to DO something about them will grow and
eventually overcome you.

     You see DOING something about them is creating MORE CAUSE to deal
with prior cause.  The commitment to DOING pre assumes that the event
won't just fade on its own, so it doesn't.  But the DOING itself is a
form of chase which may work or may not work, so the postulates and
considerations of a continuing losable game are thus present.


     Postulate: There is a tidal wave coming at me.
     Consideration: It won't stop on its own.
     Consideration: I will have to DO something to save myself or
     The postulate thus is continued by the later considerations about
how to deal with it, because the later considerations PRE POSTULATE
that the primary postulate won't vanish on its own.

short persistence like the phosphor on a TV screen.

     The reason the image stays on the TV screen is because the image is
refreshed 60 times a second.  It is postulated over and over again to
create the illusion of a persisting postulate.

     Just so with primary postulates, they are continuously refreshed so
they never vanish, by the subsequent CONTINUOUS considerations that they
won't, and the resulting commitment to the effort to ask and answer the
self answering question, "what to do", followed by carrying out the
wrong indication answer.
     The later considerations, question asking (figure figure) and
efforts are an effort to CAUSE MORE NOW to deal with a prior cause, and
they pre postulate (assume) that the prior cause, the primary postulate,
is not self vanishing.

     That creates an alter-isness of an as-isness, so it isn't an self
vanishing as-isness any more, so it then gets continuously created in
present time as a persisting 'truth'.

     Every time the guy looks he says "Yep that tidal wave is still
there and its still coming after me, I better run harder."

     He considers that he is making an observation 'that the tidal wave
is still there', when in fact his observation is a CAUSAL POSTULATE
putting the tidal wave there every time he does it.

     Thus he continuously refreshes the existence of the tidal wave, and
away he goes down the time line in a desperate chase for his survival.
     Try running away from a tidal wave sometime.

     Great fun.  No Hope.

     Running away from things puts one down at being EATEN on the know
to mystery scale.

     In dream time magic, flinch is born of ignorance and lack of faith,
in other words operating know how.

     Part of this mechanism of continuance lies in the mechanics of
asking questions.

     You see a tidal wave in your dream that you didn't start and you

     Ostensibly the question is a sensible effort to find the wave's
original cause, but notice the question assumes that the tidal wave
still IS.

     Thus the power of the postulate that the wave still is goes into
making the wave still be.  Thus it gets bigger.

     In the physical universe we don't believe that our postulates about
things being or not being carry any power to create or uncreate
conditions, thus we are taught to seek their original causes and thus we
may be able to deal with further outbreaks by causing more, giving them
     For example a population gets sick and starts dying.  Certainly our
question 'Why are they dying' isn't influencing the continuance of the
condition as it might in a dream, our only hope is to find the original
cause and possibly take care of it that way.

     But in dreams, the laws of origination and continuance are a bit
more forgiving.  As Adore says,

     "Why is it?

     Say, It is.
     Say, Why?
     Say, It is.
     Say, Why?

     That's why.

     Some people are so dumb they can't do the wrong thing twice." -

     So in dreams, questions about origination and continuance of
conditions can actually cause the continuance of the condition so
queried.  This is a kind of magic that can get a being into very deep
trouble, but is easy to resolve once he sees the mechanism behind it.

     Too easy perhaps which is maybe why we have moved on from dream
universes to the killer pit we occupy now.

     In dreams flinch is king.  If you relax the bugs will fall off you,
if you don't they will eat you.

     Things in dreams are as solid as you worry and wonder about them.

     Relax and you can walk through walls.

     Now desire in the physical universe is very much the same way.

     If you say I don't like this, you have just said in the same
breath, it is, because it wouldn't be there to not like if you weren't
is-ing it in the first place.

     Spot a psychosomatic condition and run

     "Why is it?"

     on it for a while.  Watch it go more solid.

     The run,

     "It is.  Why?"

     and see what happens.

     If one then gets into a big production trying to change something,
one can get very stuck with it.  Desiring to change something assumes it
is there to change, so adds the power of one's own postulates into the
continuance of the very condition one wants to change.

     Now I know we have said that the physical universe is a rougher
place than dreams, and our postulates about asteroids and diseases may
not have the power to continue or smooth out things that they do in

     But the physical universe is actually an add on universe to make
games harder to play and more persisting, but has as it foundations all
the universes earlier than it, including the dream universes!  Thus at
all times in the physical universe, all prior universes are still
operating in their own sphere of influence.

     The laws of a dream universe still apply therefore to those parts
of our physical universe existence that are made of these earlier

     The first and most obvious candidate for dream universe rules is
our own case state.

     The being at some time in the past suffered a failure, and got a
restimulation of an earlier engram in play.  That's his tidal wave.

     He didn't start it, he didn't expect it, although he may have a
long ago postulate that something like this could happen.

     He asks 'What is causing this?' and thus continues it with his
postulate that it IS.  This alarms him because the more he LOOKS for the
cause, the worse the somatic becomes.  Finding the original cause of the
somatic is not important, finding the source of its continuance IS, you

     Then he goes into doubt about himself, his sovereignty, about
whether there is uninvited other cause in the universe affecting him,
and Oh Lord that puts him into a worry feed back loop that saturates him
straight into the unconfrontable.

     But then he finds a good use for the somatic to make others wrong
and now he is stuck with it.  It may SEEM like it is as rock hard as the
physical universe, but that's what is giving him the pay off.

     Nonetheless in fact our psychosomatic cases run on dream rules.

     Origination is not important, continuance is, and continuance is
caused by asking self answering questions that try to resolve the
condition after implying that the somatic exists.

     "Why am I so sick?"

     Well you gotta BE sick, in order to wonder why.

     Thus you may not be able to stop an asteroid coming in by running
self answering questions, but you certainly can handle migraines,
breathing problems, eye sight, cancers, arthritis and the rest of
medical quakery using straight forward auditing.

     THE QUESTION is the answer to the condition, because once he spots
how the question is causing the continuance, the origination becomes
unimportant and the condition stands down.

     The particular question involved causing the continuance that is
bothering him may be subtle as hell and take him a long time to find.

     It can be hard as hell to get the being near the material that
needs to be confronted, but the whole mess is kept in place by flinch,
cringe, doubt and wonder, i.e.  self continuing questions.

     Now remember case was created to handle loss.

     You may be very able to remove the case the guy has created (which
didn't actually help him for long at all), but then he is still sitting
in that original loss.

     That loss may need physical universe rules to handle it.

     It is this that makes handling case seem physical universe tough
rather than merely dream tough.

     He lost his family, no amount of easy low level human dream
universe postulation is going to bring them back or do away with the
need for one.  He needs to get up, go out and DO something to build a
new one from scratch, and fast.

     But he doesn't have to suffer sleepness nights and migraines while
he does so, you see?

     In the absence of an ability to recover from the loss, the guy
still needs his 'solution', his dream case.

     He KNOWS that letting go of the flinch isn't going to handle this
one, and he is afraid that the charge on his loss will kill his body in
present time and in fact it might.

     Here is where you are up against the kind of game the being is

     Nominally a being wants to play a game where he can play, desire to
win, but not need to win.

     Certainly once the game is done, he can fire up another game even
more challenging, and carry on forever, or until he desires to Big
Snooze it, up at native state.

     No playing field lasts forever, each is created in a while, once
all games are expended in a playing field, the being will fold it up, or
sell it for scrap to another team, take a rest, then reengage in another
full cycle of manifestation again.

     It is pretty easy to audit such a being because he has no worries
about forevers and nevers which violate his sovereignty.  In fact he
pretty much knows he is game creator and game player, and thus does not
build any charge while he is playing.

     If he desires to change something, his initial statement that the
unwanted condition IS is sufficient to as-is it, so it isn't!

     Nothing can out persist being put there.

     Then he can get to work putting in place the new condition he
envisioned that was more desirable.

     Thus he can continue to diswant things and want other things, and
not build a wake of charge behind him that comes from resisting,
resenting, protesting and denying responsibility for initial conditions
that he wants to change.

     Most of the people walking around on the street in a body however
are not in this condition.  They may theetie wheetie on you and claim
they are, but if they are rock solid in their head, or locked into
taking care of their body, they are lying to themselves and to you.

     These guys are playing this is my only body, my only game, and if I
lose this game, I will lose all games forever more, and I will do
ANYTHING to keep this game going for as long as I can.

     And rest assured they have attempted and will attempt to do
anything to keep it going, which will be their overt track that needs

     Most overts are on the subject of getting into desirable games and
staying in them, or getting out of undesirable games and staying out.

     The way to happiness is a true confession.  - Electra.

     Now these guys are not happy.  From their present time point of
view they do not want to be playing a 'one and only game' upon the
winning of which the existence of all future games depend.

     That is much like Sisyphus' Wheel, where in he had to keep rolling
it up the hill forever, and if he failed from exhaustion he would fall
into the fires of hell forever more.

     Try to get them to relax and you find that breathing is not
sufficient reason to be for them, they live in a background of pain,
hurry, resentment and anger, fear and sorrow.  They gotta keep DOING to
feel positive.

     Doing is running.

     These guys are in hell, you audit them a bit and they start turning
on walls of fire.

     They KNOW their body won't live through that, so they close it
right on down and that's the end of auditing them.

     They are better off not being better off you see?

     If they were willing to lose their body, if personal integrity were
more important than immediate animal life, then perhaps you could keep
them in session.

     But they believe that the loss of their one and only body means the
loss of all future games forever more, and well, personal integrity
can't hold a candle to staying alive.

     Now YOU as an auditor have a question to face.

     By exactly what route did a being who desires to play games forever
more (broken into sovereign whiles), come to be playing games that he is
not willing to play or lose, which in the end he will lose anyhow, and
once lost mean the end of all other games forever for free?

     There are lots of meatballs around, go ask one.

     Some of your mortal meatballs will admit they want to live forever
but just don't believe it is real, they have crossed the point of no
return, across that event horizon of the black hole that a mere moment
of self casting doubt of eternality and sovereign responsibility brings
upon a being.

     "I didn't desire this!" ("Did I? Wonder, wonder, wonder...")
     Now their sovereignty is lost.

     Can you find that desire to not desire something but be stuck in it
anyhow, for them, and rehab it so they can and would do it again?

     Forget mocking up the clearing course, get them to mockup the
decision to be non sovereign until they don't stick on the wrong side of
the event horizon, outside of which they can no longer see.

     The moment one chooses to not know, one can no longer remember or
know the moment he chose to not know either!

     Once you come into the black hole of mortality, the coming in is

     Only by practicing this mechanism of coming in and forgetting, can
he then pop out, because trying to come in puts you out because you
can't come in unless you ARE out.

     Postulating that you are coming in, prepostulates that you are out!

     Thus a strong enough postulate that you WANT to come in, will
automatically put you out for just the moment before you come in.  After
doing this for a while, during that moment of being out, you can change
your mind and not come in, and thus remain out.

     The rest of your mortal meatball cases won't even admit to wanting
to live forever.  They want to live as long as they can, because death
scares the hell out of them, but they don't want to live forever,
because immortality scares them worse as all immortalities in time
eventually turn into hells forever.

     They are stuck in the Grand Daddy AND of all time:

     I don't want to die forever, and I don't want to live forever.

     This is the 'I've had time enough for love' case.

     They have turned it into a "I've had time enough for sorrow."

     And that might be true.

     They are willing to do their time, but at the end they want to be
dead, to sorrow no more.
     These are your bashers on a.r.s, your jokers and degraders on
a.c.t, your Ad Hominem Factories on The Phil ScottTissue Show, and your
dieticians, gym teachers, and drug pushers, uh, I mean doctors infesting
the rest of the channels of life.

     There is a *LOT* of anger, fear, and sorrow to run here, its hard
to confront the sad eyes, even for those who know how to laugh, and can
find sympathy for evil stuck in tar.

     But even evil can cry because down deep all evil was good at one
time and in fact is BEING evil now out of a good intent.

     Go figure.

     The flinch, doubt and wonder of a meatball can put YOU into wonder

     The moment the state of the preclear not putting things there
freaks the auditor out to a point of being unable to put the
preclear there, the session is gone.

     So you gotta watch it and know what you are handling because
wondering about sovereignty will sink anyone into solid rock.

     Sovereignty is what the being desires, messing with it is messing
with his desire.

     But sovereignty desires non sovereignty for a while, that's the Imp
Soul operating.

     This intent, motivation and 'aesthetic to being mortal' exceeds the
mortals ability to duplicate because it can only be operated by an
timeless eternal (outside of time) who has become sick of timeful
immortality (in time).

     The bridge that you need to create for these people is a bridge
back the way they came from endless game playing, to only one game to
play and that's it bud.

     The day they connected all future games to the winning and losing
of the present game, was the day it all went wrong for them.

     That's the event horizon of the couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't have
created this thing, that they could, would and did.

     They can't believe it, and that's a break with themselves, their
own choice, intent, motivation, purpose and volition.

     Imagine an atomic explosion creating an immortal black hole.

     That's what happened.

     Desire became serious, the idea 'it is' no longer caused an
as-isness, but in fact caused a further persistence, because the is was
resented as uninvited.

     "It is, and God damn it to hell forever!"

     It ain't going to vanish with that postulate that you want it to IS
long enough to suffer in hell forever.

     The last act of a being trying to as-is something is to pray to
another to destroy or punish it forever for him.

     Thus any efforts to change the here now to a better there then
resulted in resistence, flinch, cringe, wonder, protest, resentment,
persistence and MASS.  A wake of mental mass left behind and covering
the being as he tried to cut the ice of life changing things he didn't
want into things he did want.

     The more he resents the ice, the colder and more absent of life it

     Eventually he bogs down and can't move in the ice any more, and he
finally BECOMES ice.

     He has no clue what he REALLY wants any more, he has buried that
under 100's of layers of substitute desires and reactivity, so no wonder
it builds mass.

     Everything he really wants he can't have, and he thinks what he has
he didn't want.  So what is there left to be do or have except insanity?
     If you take an infinite free being and turn him into a finite Only
Oncer, that will create a wake of infinite mass that only the infinite
being can audit.

     The mortal can't handle the charge on mortality, let alone the
charge on immortality.

     Too much death, screaming pity, shame, blame, regret, chagrin and
looking for why it happened and continued.

     He can't wrap his wits around taking responsibility for having
abandoned total responsibility long ago.

     He can't put it there, how much he isn't putting things there.

     And that is the ultimate problem facing the eternal auditor of
immortals bound to hell forever and mortals bound to death forever.

     The preclear himself must be willing to touch eternity again in
session in order to look at what he created as an eternal, then as an
immortal and then as a mortal.  Then WHEN HE CAN PUT IT THERE he can let
it go and it will vanish.

     You can not offer nor sell salvation to being, he has to be
ready for it, really, and seek and reach for it.

     You can put out a sign saying salvation offered here, but if no one
knocks, there is nothing you can do about it, go out and smell the
eternal roses.


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