>I can remember a time when I thought I'd NEVER be able to forgive somebody,
>so I can duplicate that part.  But it's the other equation I'm not sure of,
>that is, "forever = dramatization."  ???

     Fundamentally, dramatization means to bring drama too.

     Seriousness, importance, permanence and pain are are the 4 main
components of drama.

     Drama is the opposite of "Yawn, this too shall pass."

     Where ever you find drama you will find aberration, and where
ever you find aberration you will find drama.

     Dramatization, as in dramatizing out of valence, only happens
once the being has LOST FOR GOOD as himself, and is taking on the
winning valence out of a need to WIN FOR GOOD.

     Without drama, without seriousness, importance, permanence and
pain, there is no strong reason to stick with a winning valence or
not, particularly winning valences that were dramatizing drama when
you got them!

     But once you get serious about matters, then valences become

     They were trying to win for good, and you lost for good, so you
stick yourself with that winning valence FOR GOOD, you see?

     Thus the winning valence always contains drama in its winning
aspect, its SERIOUS man, and it WINS FOREVER.
     In order to audit this you have to audit the FOR GOOD, the
permanence, the forever in the consideration.


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