The Clam wrote:
>     Actually personally I would hope Ted gave KP a rest.

     Well basically I don't read it any more, I find the delete key
works fine for me.  But I do like the fact that the X./Ducharme, and
Phil/Everyone wars are over, so it wouldn't be so bad if the Ted/KP
thing ended also.

     But frankly I don't care, if Ted and KP want to go at it until
Kingdom Come, that's fine by me.  The River of Light has to have some
sewage in it to give it body.  :)

     > I found Rich's posting refreshing and heartening.

     Yes so did I, and I hope we can continue to talk about
exteriorization and Black V/Infinity cases, as I am personally right on
the edge of blowing mine wide open.
     And no I am not using UCP.

>     Homer's comments on knowing by looking and looking by knowing,
>although I don't fully understand what he's getting at were
>fascinating to me.  This is new stuff to me and I was feeling it dig
>deep in some way.

     Adore says that Looking by Knowing is senior to Knowing by Looking.
First one Knows something into existence, then one looks at it.  That is
Looking by Knowing.

     Later after one has pretended that one didn't create the thing, one
engages in Learning, which is Knowing by Looking, one looks at the
created thing and tries to Know about it from what one sees.

     Knowing by Looking is Learning through Observation and Study etc.
     The creative action of Looking by Knowing is an outflow, the
learning action of Knowing by Looking is an inflow.

     The creative action is *DETERMINING* what is there by *CAUSING*
what is there, the learning action is determining what is there by
studying it to see what is there.

     So you have a cause definition of To Determine which means to cause
to be as it is, and you have an effect defintion of To Determine which
means to look until you learn what is there.

     The cause definition of To Determine is like Self Determinism, "I
know it, THEERFORE it is."

     The effect definition of To Determine is like Other Determinism, "I
know it BECAUSE it is, and I have looked at it and studied it long and
hard and I still don't know where it came from, but maybe I can make a
bomb out of it and sell it for lots of money!"
     Adore says the God jumps into being a Human by flip flopping from
Looking by Knowing into Knowing by Looking.

     Flip flopping from Determining what's true by Will, to Determining
what's true by looking, observation and study.
     Adore says the way in is the way out, so by re operating that flip
flop one will become facile on coming in, and thus put one self out.

     It's really a matter of which came first, the Knowing or the

     The idea that we know first and look second is an anathema to
bodies, and humans and scientists, they know they don't know and must
learn by looking, there is no other way.

     But something or someone created the dream we are learning about by
looking at it, and that source created it by knowing about it first and
looking at it second.  No way around that.
     Now maybe the creator just said, "Hey, let's have something", and
the knowing and looking took place at once.  But this "I don't know and
I have to go out and look to find out" is a dramatization, maybe the
Kingpin dramatization, and keeps one locked in a mind and locked in time
and locked into being human.

     And yes, if KP doesn't say THAT is just a lot of figure-figure, I
will just have to go back to the drawing board until I can enrage him
completely.  I do try.
>     Seems like anything that anyone else says of interest around here
>is hallucination and figure-figure, but anything KP says is somehow
>clear light.
>     We don't have to respond to someone just because they tempt us
>with button pushing through inval.  That's not the way I would
>envision that clearing should progress.

     I agree.  I only respond to people that I feel will help my growth,
I have stopped responding for cruelty's sake :)
     But I admit I am pretty heavy on the inval myself sometimes.

>     (:)

>     The Clam

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