God is easy.  God is the great I-AM.

     I-AM means awareness of awareness unit.

     Just as you are a mini I-AM, the collection of all mini I-AM's
form a constellative being called the AllThatIs, or God who is a multi
I-AM being.

     In sermons in the Church, I slam a brick down on the pulpit, and
I say "Here is a brick of the Church, this is a soul.  These are the
Many.  Then between the bricks is the mortar, this is the One, that
binds the bricks to each other.

     The Church is made of bricks and Mortar, Many and One, Sourcers
and Source.  The Church, the whole thing is God.  Without Souls there
is no God, just a lot of muck waiting to bind someone together."

     Without souls, God is nothing, literally.

     God did not make souls, God is MADE OF SOULS.

     When I send a prayer to God, it always come back rejected by his
spam trap saying "What are you asking me for, do it yourself."

     Who then is to be cause?

     Whose will is sovereign?


Michael (mickel1234@blueyonder.co.uk) wrote:

>"Frontier guy"  wrote in message 
>> Curiosus wrote:
>>> If the sampling theory I was proposing recently is true, photons are
>>> the basic "samples" from the spiritual universe.
>>> Then the physical universe is doing a lot of "digital processing" with
>>> photons, in order to create matter.
>> ........makes one wonder about the true nature of god. If there is
>> one!!! or more or any.

>You ain't the only one who wonders.
>I do not have a concept of God, I don't know what the hell people are 
>talking about when they say God, in fact, if it wasn't for other people 
>always telling me there is one and that I had better watch out because He, 
>She, It will kick my arse should I step outside God's rules and regulations 
>then I probably would have never thought about it.

>I could tell you many stories about how I watched children programmed into 
>their religious beliefs as I grew up.
>Every Sunday they put on their "Holier than thou" identity, Christ!! I 
>wanted to kick em'.

>If you want to know why people are always going on about God it's because we 
>shove it on em' from an early age.
>School, parents, society and so on.
>Like the Judge who says a prayer and then sends someone to the death 
>chamber, now that is funny.

>When my Daughters were born I refused to have them christened, apart from 
>guiding them about things like drugs and being honest, I gave them no 
>religion at all, not even Scientology and guess what? they grew up ok and 
>people often remark to me what a good job I did in bringing them up, my 
>attitude was and still is, if they want religion let them reach an age when 
>they can analyse and decide for themselves.

>You can construct any theory you like and that theory is not the truth!

>What I just said was, "You can construct any theory you like and that theory 
>will not be the truth!"

>The only person who has the truth is YOU.


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