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     How you technically approach a pc depends on where they are on
the awareness characteristic chart.

     The awareness characteristic chart is the most amazing thing
ever written in the works of man.

     For example running 'What's it?' on a NOTISNESS case (below
INACTUALITY) won't work.

     He will just drop down to SADISM and take it out on you.

     On the other hand auditing a sub oblivion case demands that one
run both NO ITEM AND ITEM.

     Take your average pc at SADISM on the ACC, he's on the meter and
he's got a needle rising smoothly like molasses out of the arm of a

     You assess for SADISM and you get nothing.

     Zip, nada, rien, squat.

     You assess for NO SADISM and you have to send your e-meter in for

     So what and how you audit depends entirely on where your pc is in
the scheme of things.

     Sadism by the way is the make break point between an easy and a
rough pc.  The primary lock down on a pc that keeps him low tone is the
sadism/masochism meatball.

     Sadism is the evil we love to fear, something that enjoys hurting
others for pleasure's sake.  At the top of sadism we find the cackling
demon, and at the bottom of sadism is unimaginable cruelty and hideous
joy, ending in a death bed of infinite cold heartedness.

     Masochism is just sadism towards self.  Mockup too much of this
stuff for others, and you end up falling into it yourself.

     Above sadism the being is like a sinking balloon, if you let him
sink, he's gone, he won't kick himself up tone, but you can pretty
easily move him up tone, if you are moved to.  "Hey YO, let's word clear

     Immediate interest.

     Below sadism/masochism the being is permanently locked down in a
self installed prison to make sure no one will ever let him out.

     The lock down starts at fixidity and goes from there on down.

     He threw a fit to end all fits.

     Above fixidity the being still has all his power, below fixidity,
most of his power forms a steel cage to keep him still.

     He may get out, but not because you did anything.

     Pray for the prime postulate.

     You can cause one if you dare, it is above "projection of
intention," at "casting of cause."

     The Awareness Characteristic Chart goes down in octaves, so like
catatonia and fixidity are hamronics of each other, so are hysteria and
glee.  The rest can be lined up in this way, for example uncausing and
being an effect.

     At the bottom you have criminality.

     The last effort of a being trying to give is to take.

     However there is little remaining power at criminality, the being
has sunk too far below fixidity, erosion and dispersal to be able to
throw any wattage and the chair he is sitting on is uncausing.

     But he can command those that still can throw wattage.

     Thus you will often find the criminal overlord surrounded by those
up at sadism who are merely looking for a licence to harm and to kill.
They are the one's with the power, and THIS is the overt track you need
to run out of the criminal case if you are going to ever bring them back
up to Oblivion.

     That's why putting the criminal mastermind in jail doesn't do any
good, he is already in jail.  As long as he can give orders, to those on
the outside, he can still function.  Criminals LIKE jail, it protects
them and feeds them, something they find hard to do themselves.

     Now the first thing you need to do is define very clearly for
yourself what the purpose of auditing is.

     The purpose of auditing is not to make a being better, Lord God no,
he might get killed if he got better.

     Nor is the purpose of auditing to free a being, boring, he's been
there, done that, bought the t-shirt, "Native State or Bust!".

     The purpose of auditing is to optimize randomity for the preclear,
to enhance his enjoyment of the chase, of games.

     That means if he is too powerful and wins too easily, you seek his
incidents and computations on being unable that prevent him from being
more unable.

     Unable to be unable is a game killer and very not OT.

     If your pc is losing every game in sight and wants nothing more to
do with games, and he's got all his future games connected to winning
THIS game or else he loses everything forever for free, well then you
audit being able to be more able.

     Unable to be able is also a game killer and very not OT.

     An OT is able to be able, and able to be unable.

     An OT is able to craft his own operating facility.

     That's 1/3 the way there to creating a good game: abilities,
barriers and purposes.

     The next thing you have to define very clearly for yourself, is
what does existence consist of?

     Existence consists of a static pretending to be a kinetic.

     Lies in other words.

     All persistence in space and time and dimensionality of any kind is
persistence of lies and loss of static.

     Existence consists of fair chosen limitation.

     Static is unlimited, kinetic is limited.  Its fine to be a boy, but
then you can't be a girl, not this round in any case, you see?

     All of existence is being this and not that.

     So all manifesting existence is limitation and thus loss.

     But this manifestation as loss has a purpose that makes up for it
FOR A WHILE.  Let's say for the moment, that purpose is to share self
love, to have fun playing games, engaging in the chase.

     Now during that process of game playing the being has and will bog
down in non optimum randomity, too many games, to few games etc.

     Too much of something, too little of something.

     Too much of nothing, too little of nothing.

     He suffers from can't get anything to persist, all the way down to
he can't get anything to vanish, unpersist.

     Auditing at the beginning of a manifestion cycle consists of
helping a being muck it up more, they won't pay you for failing that.

     Auditing at the end of a manifestation cycle consists of helping a
being un muck it up more.

     So its an issue in posulates, knowledge and skill with as-isness
and alter-isness.

     Muckup and Un-muckup.

     For a being who is having a hard time keeping games around, you
want to bone him up on alter-isness, particularly the ability to
alter-is while being unaware he is doing so.

     For the other kind that can't get out of tar, well then he needs to
know about as-isness.  The joke is that an as-isness of alter-isness is
MAKING MORE alter-isness as it is, but with awareness that one is doing

     But how do we approach the pc?

     Now Hubbard had a couple of one shot clear processes.

     They were all clearly in the direction of boning up on

     The first was "Invent a game".

     You see scarcity of games, either because the being was too
powerful or too weak, was to be remedied by creating some games.

     The second was "Invent a lie".

     Get the being to invent lies, and he will start to see what lies he
has been inventing, clear them out, replace them with new more optimum
lies, and he's off and away.

     The third one was "Op Pro by Dup".

     Now this was very interesting, because Hubbard explained how it
worked.  You got this pc all stuck down in a layer cake of is's.

     1.) As-isness
     2.) Alter-isness
     3.) Is-ness
     4.) Not-isness

     And you tell him "you look at that wall!" and he goes "What

     OK, that's the not-isness case.

     But the point is by doing this, you forced the pc to reoperate the
entire layer cake from top to bottom very fast.  He had to be native
state, not looking, then fire up the looking aparatus, put an as-isness
there, then quickly alter it and not is it in order to end up with "What

     By doing this repeatedly, you get the pc to EXERCISE all four of
the is's, including AS-ISNESS, and pretty soons he comes up tone to
"What wall?" for real.

     The wall is gone for him.

     So this is a direct application of the axiom that 'The way in is
the way out'.  Like Hanzel and Gretle, they left a trail of bread crumbs
as they entered the forest, so they could find their way out.  What
better way out than the way you came in?  You certaintly don't want to
try to take some OTHER way out.

     You see in this case there isn't any other way out.

     Thus he pc is convulsively creating an isness layercake, and you
get him to do it intentionally and with forthought and pretty soon the
whole thing starts to come apart as he sees what he is doing.

     That's an as-isness at its best.

     So when a pc is stuck in lies, it might seem odd to ask him to
invent more lies, but asking him for the truth just won't work, as the
operating truth IS lies!  It is not truth he has a problem with, you

     'The True *LIES* will free you, to operate as you kind' - Adore.

     He has cork screwed himself in so tight, there is no way he can
just be out.  You gotta get him to cork screw himself in again over and
over until he sees where it starts from, then he is out.

     Have you ever found a screw in so tight you couldn't get it out,
until you tried to screw it in tighter, then it freed up to come out
easily?  No?  Go buy a screw driver and do something with your life.


     The very postulate that you want to come in puts you out.

     The postulate you want to get out puts you in.

     And that IS the one two whammy the pc is operating that is keeping
him stuck in.

     First he wanted to come in, so he invented all kinds of lies to
create a persistence, then he said I don't like this, and turned around
and tried to get out.  That stuck him in.  

     You can't want to get out without postulating you are in.  The
preclear is always the effect of the PRE POSTULATE that he has the
problem, preceeded the POST POSTULATE that he no longer wants it.
     Now its quite ok to want to get out, but not after swearing
off ever coming in again, or denying you chose to come in, in the
first place.

     That attitude results in you trying to get out by trying to get out,
which sticks you in.

     But if you try to get out, by trying to come in, THAT PUTS YOU OUT
where you want to be, and you can change your mind about coming in

     It's the unwillingness to come in that stops you from trying
to come in, couldn't, wouldn't, shouldn't, which then makes you
try to get out.

     "I AM IN, I WANT TO GET OUT."  What's the reigning postulate.
Clearly his mere desire to get him out, didn't get him out, so now
he is trying to get out with other means.

     "I AM OUT, I WANT TO GET IN".  What's the reigning postulate?

     He can want to come in, even though he is already in!
     The duplication of coming in, also duplicates the originally being
     That's what the coming-in-package consists of, being out and coming
     And he can't touch the coming in part of the package without
touching the being out part too.

     Natively the being can say "I am OUT, now I am IN here, I am IN
there, I am IN over here", and each IN vanishes automatically when he
puts his attention on the next IN.  If he stops creating IN's, the last
one vanishes and he is OUT natively.

     The absence of IN *IS* OUT.
     But if he says "I am IN, OH NO I CANT STAND THIS, HOW THE HELL DID
I GET HERE, I WANT TO GET OUT," then he is damned forever because his
willingness and sense of responsibilty which is alway self operating
whether he is aware of it or not, is gone.
     Thus he tries to take his attention off his present IN, and he
can't because his attention is morbidly fixated on his present IN
because 'he didn't create it, and wouldn't have, shouldn't have,
couldn't have created it', and he is trying to go elsewhere while
REMAINING in the present IN in order to remind himself never to go there
again, and so of course he can't rid of it.

     If he didn't make it, OR he didn't make someone else making it,
then of course his sovereignty is out the tubes and that reversal of
affinity for his present IN is sufficient to keep it around forever.

     He is keeping it around to PROTECT himself from it!

     "Jesus, if this happened once, it could happen again, the price of
freedom is a permanent memorial to this IN, and eternal vigilence
against future ones!

     And he becomes a Republican or some such.

     IN and OUT are effortlessly easy to a native state being as long as
awareness of willingness and fair chosen responsibility remains in

     It's all fair chosen.  There is no other way to get stuck in except
by the above mechanism.

     Thus to get him out, you gotta get him to turn around again so he
is facing in, and ask him to come in again.  Every time he does he is
out for a moment, comes in, then turns around facing out again,
screaming to get out.  Keep at it, and eventually the shit eating grin
will develop and he will be out having a hard time coming in.

     That's probably the best definition of native state I know, the big
shit eating grin in the sky.

     Before the Big Snooze.

     So what to audit?

     You have a static that WANTED but did not need to become a kinetic.
The kinetic is an illusion in consciousness, it has no actuality at all.

     The ILLUSION is not an illusion, the illusion is actual, the dream
is actual, but it is only a dream.

     The static is actual and at all times remains cause, no matter how
much the kinetic thinks the tennis ball bounced off the racket because
the racket hit it.

     There just is no cause at all between ball and racket, except the
projected apparency that there is by the static.

     So the static rules at all times, and that is why justice rules at
all times.

     Justice is you get what you postulate.  If you ever didn't you
would be in big trouble, there would never be any recovering you, your
heart would be broken forever.

     The pc THINKS he is in exactly that big trouble, but like all
things it is just a persisting lie, and a necessary one to keep
everything around.  Without injustice, things would just turn to candy
and be gone shortly thereafter.

     Just one thought of 'I didn't create this and I didn't create or
agree to anyone else creating this' however, and the whole thing turns
to solid concrete from fear of never being able to get rid of it.

     Doubting sovereignty leads to non sovereignty.

     Don't worry, be happy, it can only last for a while.

     The idea of injustice, of I didn't create/agree to this, leads to
apparent violation of sovereign desire, which leads to resistence,
resentment, seriousness, importance, permanance and pain.  Drama.

     So what do you run?

     You have only two choices, every process in existence is subsumed
under these two choices.

     1.) Be/Conceive/Mockup a static.

     2.) Be/Conceive/Mockup a kinetic.

     Notice you have to BE a static in order ot mockup a kinetic, thus
for most pc's 2.) is the way to go.  Getting them to mockup a kinetic,
puts them out at the static first!

     Just like he can't come in without first being out, he can't
mockup a kinetic with out first operating from he static.

     They will do enough of the first process on their own, probably do
their detriment.

     But I would just run them alternately forever.

     That would keep the being in eternal good humor.

     E/P: Able.  Able to be able, able to be unable.


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