Native state exists, but it doesn't have to be conscious of

    All consciousness-of starts with the creation of an as-isness
in the void.  This is the beginning of a cycle of manifestation.

    If that as-isness is altered then we get a persisting

    But if left alone, an as-isness is self vanishing, meaning it reverts
back to the void, no more consciousness-of.

    Native state is a clean slate, no consciousness-of.

    We call this the peace that passeth all understanding or the
Big Snooze.

    Althugh there is no limit to that extent, all created things are
finite in extent and only last for a while.

    Thus there is no infinite consciousness-of, although any given while
can be very much bigger than you can presently span.

    There is no limit to how many whiles native state has, can or will
engage in "over the course of Eternity."

     A while can learn and grow from a prior while, but only because
both whiles exist inside a bigger while that spans them both.

     Prime whiles are new, as if the first, no memory, awareness of or
need for prior whiles.  But the being knows this will be but one of an
endless number of whiles, but has no attention on them because they are
and can be of no import to the present while.

    Prime whiles arise from prime postulates in the void of absolute

    Unmanifestation is dreamless sleep.


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