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>So, what we really are is that which is beyond dicoms, our natural state is 
>unity, still you and me but capable of creating a game using dicoms or 

     The static is itself part of the static - kinetic dicom.

     There are vertical and horizontal dicoms, not exactly clear to me
how it all works.

     Primary vertical dicom is manifest/unmanifest.

     Horz dicoms are like good and bad, love and hate etc.

>The false self is the ego, a mind construct, our true self is just (I am) 
>with nothing else (physical I mean) and yet is everything, as we go along we 
>collect mass, solidity about us and we forget what we really are.

     We CREATE with majesty aforethought that which we are not.

     "Source sources what source is not" - Adore

     "Majesty is the sovereign desire that desire not be sovereign
for a while." - Adore

     The only thing a static could create is a kinetic, the only thing
Truth could create is a Lie.

     Creation is itself a down under, in time, view of things, from
the top down, creation is not what is happening.

>There are two states of which many people are aware, one could be described 
>as total freedom 

     Freedom from means freedom to.

     Being able to be apparently 'nothing' is balanced by the ability
to be apparently 'something.'

the other totally identified with the body , mind, physical 
>universe, until a person releases themselves from this hypnotic trap they 
>are doomed to repeat this physical experience over and over.

     The term doomed is relative to one's intent.  If the intent is to
create a game that will never end, then beings are hardly doomed,
except to failure because all games end one day.

     There are also many levels of doom, each one an artful dodge of
the one before it.

     "The hurry of impending mortal doom obscures the hurry of
impending eternal doom." - Adore

      "Safe is Hell and High Water via Eternal Omni Awesome Peace."  - Adore

     Since you can not be destroyed and can not go anywhere, the
safest place to be is lost in illusions of space and time.  If you
were free again, who knows WHAT you would create!  Look what you
created or agreed to the last time.  :)

     >Why would anyone choose this type of existence?  in a state of
total freedom >all this physical, mental stuff is nothing.

     Freedom from manifestation is balanced by freedom to manifest.

     Given the ability there must be a good use for it.

     Every ability the being has will one day be put to use in the art

>How about this for a precept/postulate " What is the point of all this 
>compared to what we really are?"
>Maybe there is a dicom there also.

     What is the point to drama?

     Drama = seriousness, importance, permanence and pain.



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