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     An object is that which has qualities.

     A quality is that which describes an object.

     A something is an object with a non empty quality set, the set of
all qualities that describe the object.

     A nothing is an object with an empty quality set.

     There can only be one nothing, because if there were two different
nothings, their quality sets would be different and thus they couldn't
both have empty quality sets and thus couldn't both be nothings.


     The fundamental theorem of something and nothing tells us,

     Something can not come from nothing, and

     Something can not go into nothing.

     Therefore if something exists now, something must have always
existed and will always exist.

     The justification for this theorem comes from the idea that if a
nothing had the quality of potential ability to give rise to a
something, that quality would render the nothing's quality set non
empty, and thus render the nothing not a nothing.

     Thus potential ability to give rise to something is already a

     Various somethings however can change form, thus giving the
apparency that something is changing into a different something.

     However underlying the various surface forms of somethings that
change into each other will be a common something which is the actual
something which can neither be created nor destroyed.

     Change of form of the actual underlying something is not creation
or destruction.

     Thus mass which is a something called energy can change into
photons which is also a something called energy.  Mass and light have
very different surface qualities, but the actual common something
between them is energy.


     What this tells us, is that if you have something, then you have
always had that something and will always have it, regardless of what
form it takes.

     And if you have a nothing, you have always had that nothing, and
will always have that nothing.  Notice a nothing can not change forms as
it has no qualities to change.

     The somethings that make a universe can be varied and complex, it
is not true that there is only one kind of something in the world.

     The hunt for something, is the hunt for what is conserved, for an
understanding of what is actual in a universe and what is merely real,
(apparently actual to people's sense of reality, but not actually
actual) and allows the beings in that universe to play the game better.

     This hunt is the process of science.

     For example, in the alleged physical universe of dimensional space
and time, both space and time are generally considered to be conserved,
thus they are considered actual.

     As mentioned above, the common somethings underlying the physics of
objects in that space and time, are energy, momentum, spin, charge and a
few other weird ones like baryon number.

     Physicists seek that which is conserved, because they hope that
what is conserved is what is actual underlying the apparencies that come
and go.

     In other words if all actual somethings must be conserved, then
that which is conserved is probably an actual something.

     Notice the word probably.

     In the middle of the last few centuries, natural philosophy started
to change from 'God causes everything according to His Will', to every
thing follows mathematical law.

     Galileo was imprisoned for suggesting that the tides were caused by
the Moon.  The Church said this limited God's will and control over
things and was thus heresy.

     Galileo argued back that God was free to create things as he
wished, and if he wanted the tides to march in step with the moon and
its various mathematical laws, that was His prerogative.

     The Church didn't buy it as the primary purpose of the Christian
Church at the time was to be a holding pen for idiots.

     But now we hear from modern Physicists that there is no need for
God to explain anything any more, we have mathematical natural law

     The earth goes around the Sun in an ellipse 'because' of the forces
of gravity and there is no need for God to explain anything.

     The same argument however applies to this new age Church of the
Bomb, they have explained exactly nothing by merely describing HOW the
earth moves around the sun.  The have posited forces and masses and
equations between them, but again one is free to ask why is it this way
instead of some other way, and who or what is ultimately responsible for
bringing it about?

     And again the Church of the Bomb doesn't seem to want to buy it,
mostly because it too is a sargasso sea for sick, dead, and dying beings
who think they are made of meat.

     They believe they can explain everything with their 4 fundamental
forces of nature, they seem to miss that Love and Shame can not of force
and mass be made.

     If they ever do unify their 4 fundamental forces of nature
into one grand unified theory of everything, they will find that
the one top level cause is CONSCIOUSNESS.

     But at that point they will be in serious trouble because presently
they consider that consciousness is MADE of the 4 fundamental forces,
namely a process in space time mechanics in the brain.

     You can't make a non space time entity (consciousness) out of space
time machines, no matter how many you use or how complexly you put them
     One thing HAS however come out of the past 2000 years of
religious and scientific barbarism, and that is if God does exist,

     "God is apparently a mathematician first, and a purveyor of
damnation second." - Adore

     In studying the mathematics of the physical universe one is struck
by the awesome intelligence it must take to understand all the
mathematics behind everything that works, let alone have devised and
designed it this way.

     It seems unlikely that such an intelligent being would spend its
time by stooping to such crass and rank behaviors like sending people to
hell forever for the sins of four score and 20.

     Unless maybe they were Christians.

     But no, I am a sinner and repent of my hatred in dust and ashes,
and so any God as great as the mathematics of the cosmos would be able
to find a better way to deal with even me and them.

     This is something to aspire to.

     But now we have to ask, why did God create the Sun and Earth such
that it went around in an ellipse?  Why not a square?

     Surely if God can do anything, he could just as easily make the
Earth hang a louey every 3 months with the same approximate effect.

     The answer comes down to conservation of something, and the desire
to create the illusion that the physical universe is a something.

     I once had a dream, I was sound asleep and there was a lamp on my
table in the dream that I wanted to turn on because the room was dark.
The lamp had a standard lamp shade and a metal pull string up where the
bulb was.

     So I reached over in the dream and pulled the metal string, and the
lamp turned on.

     There was a perfect conical ray of light coming down from the
bottom edge of the lamp shade to the table where the lamp was standing,
and the rays made a perfect circle of light on the table as you would
expect such a lamp to do.

     But the bulb remained off, the lamp shade itself was dark and the
room was not lit at all even by the light bouncing off the table.

     This woke me right up.


     Because in that dream I did not know I was dreaming, and I expected
the lamp to be a something, and I was reaching to it to operate its
cause to increase the light in the room.  When I pulled the string, and
light appeared out of nowhere at the bottom edge of the shade down to
the table, I was suddenly hit by the truth that the something I thought
was there, wasn't there at all.  How could light appear OUT OF NOTHING,
and the bulb remain off.

     This violated something from nothing big time, and the end result
was I woke up.

     Of course once awake, I knew that in a dream anything could happen,
even if the bulb had turned on, and the walls had lit up, the light
coming from the bulb wasn't was lighting the walls anyway, as EVERYTHING
in a dream is self luminous.

     So I was comfortable again residing in the waking universe of
"true" somethings and I could get on with my day.

     Little did I know, eh?


     Now let's say that the Earth did manage to move in a square around
the Sun.  This now needs an explanation, how come it moves in a straight
line for 3 months, and then suddenly turns left, and then follows a
straight line for 3 months more.

     This can't happen for no reason because that violates SOMETHING

     We expect, and in fact need, that if a change takes place, then
something prior must have caused the change, and if there is no change
in anything prior to the Earth taking a left, then that's something
coming from nothing.

     Something must always come from something!

     Changes must always be preceeded by other changes, either internal
or external to the object even if it is just time!

     Now God could have created all kinds of 'somethings' to account for
why the Earth changes course suddenly in its orbit to form a square.  If
he doesn't, then everyone will be stuck with the non understanding that
comes from things coming from nothing and happening for no reason, and
they would wake up!

     Every being naturally seeks the lowest common denominator of the
universe where something and nothing are comfortably conserved.

     So what He did do is create a very simple system of conservation.

     In this system there are forces and masses, forces and masses are
related by simply mathematical rules whereby forces, which are
something, are allowed to impart motion to or change the courses of

     He further said that the force the sun exerts on the Earth is a
function of the sun's mass, and since the sun's mass isn't changing
significantly over time, neither can the force the Sun exerts on the
Earth.  Further since the Sun's mass is spherical and there is no
preferred direction, the Sun's force must act equally in all directions
at all times on the Earth, depending only on how far the Earth is from
the sun.

     Given the above, the mathematics of the situation inexorably
computes out to an ellipse.  Thus if left to their own devices,
celestial objects like to orbit in ellipses, and the apparent somethings
or force and mass are all conserved.

     In this case, the apparent somethings are cause and effect, namely
force and mass.  Effects with out cause, and causes without effects both
violate something from nothing, and if this actually happened in any
dream universe, the beings in it would wake up to the next universe out
where something and nothing were properly conserved.

     Now we already know that there is no mandatory reason that impels a
God to create a dream universe where something and nothing are

     He can just as easily make the Earth go around in random zig zags,
and let everyone down below know he is doing it out of caprice.  There
ARE no actual somethings or nothing to be conserved in any dreamtime, so
the God can do what he wants.  But the beings in the dream, including
the God himself when he jumps into his own creation, will have a very
hard time figuring out the rules, and eventually say "Oh screw it" and
wake up on purpose, because they KNOW the universe isn't actual.

     You see for a universe to persist for any length of time the beings
in it must think the universe is more actual than they are.  It is best
if the beings think they are MADE OF the universe somethings, like being
a brain or some such.

     So The God creates dreamtimes that conserve something and nothing
purely out of a practical need, namely to make sure he doesn't wake up
when inside the dream universe.

     If his created universe is going persist it's somethings have to be
more conserved than he is!

     He can be incipient carrion or dust in the wind, but the oceans and
the rocks will out live him forever.

     He won't ever wake up out of that dream!

     His dream has to act as if it is actual right down to the last
quark, so he can continue to think he IS an actual machine operating in
an actual space time continuum.

     If one single quark doesn't burp in just the right way, and the
dreaming being gets the faintest idea that something is no longer
conserved in an irreconcilable way, he will wake up and lose his dream.

     This is why OT powers in the physical universe are really bad for
beings, it wakes them up like a meteor hitting their house.

     Some people claim they really want it to happen, but once it does
they wish they could enter the dream again and can't.

     The dream's cover has been blow, conservation of something and


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