"This dream ends forever when the circle of friends are all
holding hands again." - Adore

     "The only thing that lives forever are people and peace." - Adore

     "No one lives forever where there is time.

     "Everyone lives forever where there is no time." - Adore

     A long time ago, before this dream began, you were all at a huge
slumber party at the end of the last dream.

     You remember slumber parties as a kid, everyone was there, you
have snacks, share good times, have a few pillow fights,

     And then everyone realizes it is time call the end, everyone is
done 'swatting flies and swapping lies(1)'.  They curl up, arms and
legs groped and looped around one another in a huge pile and slowly go
to sleep.

     As they are lying there, as One as they can get, absolutely
everyone is completely and totally content, happy and at peace with
themselves, each other and the AllThatIs.

     Then somewhere in the middle of the Brahma Night, someone giggles
and says with an impish smile that would melt the coldest of hearts,

     "Hey everyone wake up, I got a great idea, you want to play a

     One by one everyone wakes up to the hushed whispering, planning
and taking up of sides, and eventually there is this great big
unanimous "YEAH!"

     One hundred trillion years later, everyone finds themselves in
the middle of World War II, black fighting white, fighting green,
fighting red, with some cyans and magentas thrown in for the mix.

     Pick your color according to whatever side you chose up.

     There is only one rule in the game, you can do anything you want
to anyone, as long as you remember that one day, at Game's End, you
are *ALL*, each and every one, going to be back in another slumber
party just like the one that started this game, giggling and swatting
flies and swapping lies.

     This is Operating Class.

     Class is the alloy of the Chalice, Class holds the AllThatIs

     "Class is an attitude, that everyone should live forever and be
my friend.

     "Desire is Sovereign.

     "Appreciation is for winners." - Adore

     Auditing then is for moments of broken Class.

     E/P Early arrival at slumber party.


(1) Tom Paxton, Talking Vietnam Pot Luck Blues 1971
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