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     The proof you are looking for that you are immortal is the whole
track overt you committed that made you deserve to doubt your

     Doubt was then self casting, making you further certain you were
mortal.  No immortal being could doubt his immortality, thus your own
doubt was proof to you, that you were indeed not immortal.

     They couldn't make you not exist, but they could make you live as
if you thought you were going to not exist.

     It was an odd kind of punishment, as it made you no longer aware
of what you had done or that you had done it.

     By wiping out the time prior to punishment it gave you
a kind of clean slate.

     This resulted in you feeling mortal but righteous.

     On the upside, living under the Pall of Mortal Doom, its generally
all down hill from there, so it works well as a punishment.

     It is a kind of crucifixion, leaving the being nailed and waiting
to die and not even wondering why.


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