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>What processes do you think are the most workable in the long run that
>make clear improvements in the persons overall life?
>What do you consider an improvement? you may ask

     Awareness of self as an immortal conscious unit, able to operate
time and timelessness with equal ease.

     In contact with motivation for manifesting, and taking over bodies.
Free to choose to do or not do so in the future.

     Recovery of awareness of choice for being here.
     Able to trip with out acid.


>1 - I think Objective processes work well a it really pulls you out of
>the bank and helps untangle your circuits.....I don't think it needs to
>be done for eons.....This goes for TRs as well......can't go wrong.....

     The whole bridge is good for people who are not stuck in massive
service fac cave in's.  If they can be sat down, run ruds, and get a
good float at the beginning of each session, it should be easy to run
the Grades and engrams and secondaries to a marked improved state of
physical well being, including losing the glasses, need for drugs, wine,
medicine, alcohol and doctors,

     But eventually you are going to run into the pc's truncated present
time GPM.  That is the GPM he is presently living that hasn't completed
a sashay from bottom (earliest) to top (latest) reliable item.

     Once you nuke that, you got a first goal clear, and THAT is
probably the first time the guy will say 'You know, maybe this shit
works after all' You see its been working all along and he will admit
it, but its always right back into the soup again the next day, wins
just don't last.

     That's because the bigger he gets from all the
grades/engrams/secondaries stuff, the harder he dramatizes his PT GPM.

     THAT makes him sick as a dog, even while he sleeps.  Sleep makes
him worse!

     Most people by the way let the contractions of labor put them to
sleep.  Then they wonder how come they can't run birth.  Been using it
too long to go to sleep!  You can feel these contractions when you first
wake up, if you lay there fore a while going in and out of sleep.

     But none of this is going to run well unless the pc is
indoctrinated into the "I am a conscious unit" theory of existence and
gets a lot of false data stripping done to clear the way for his mind
to be open enough to be receptive to the stuff that needs to turn on
to be run.

     He doesn't need to believe, or have faith in things he doesn't
or can not know.  He needs to STOP believing things he doens't or
can not know.  Then once the personal integrity is in, which is
a matter of ethics, then his mind is free to restimulate as it needs to.
     If you keep thinking you are nothing more than a process in a
brain, there will be nothing to audit, and the secondaries will be
oceanically overwhelming, and you won't ever go near them again, let
alone run them out.

    Roland exteriorized, he HAS all the proof he needs, its right
there in the incident, he has missed it over and over again
all these years, so he's screaming for proof.

    All he needs is for someone to rehab the exterior with a fine
tooth comb until he spots his proof, and he will start acting
like a decent human being again.  Until then he will remain
a douchebag with a mouth.




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