I ran into a woman in a store a while back that had two very
young little children sitting side by side in a two wide stroller.

     Periodically when she wasn't looking the child on the right would
take a swing at the child on the left hitting him in the face.  The
second child would then start wailing away at the attack.

     When this happened the mother would then angrily get on the case
of the instigator by slapping him back, at which point he would start
wailing also.  Then a little while later the whole thing would happen
all over again.

     I saw the mother was wearing a cross and so this is what I should
have said to her.

     Do what God would do, do not interfere, their free will and
freedom of choice is paramount to all things, no matter what.

     Rest assured that at the end of his life, the bad child will go
to hell forever and the good child will get his reward in heaven.

     Do what God would do.


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