Michael ( wrote:

>Ain't life great, it never ceases to amaze me with all its wonderful 
>diversity, I would do a WOW!!! but WOWs have been censored :)

     Wow's are not censored.

     But it would be nice if they were followed by content.

     Imagine a white paper in the Scientific American that said 'Wow,
this new discovery is great!  Talk to our registrar to find out more.'

     I dunno, as I said its my problem, and my stomach is already
churning in general, but I would hate to live in a world filled with the
kind of WOWers I have known in the church and out.

     I am sorry they turn on some serious despair and feelings of
suffocation, make me want to kill myself.

     The loneliness is infinite around such people.

     Imagine a whole world of people who can communicate with anyone on
any subject and who have nothing to communicate about except noodle
soup, and if you do try to communicate about something of import, they
turn you into ethics.

     'We offer the well and happy noodle rundown.  Here is a recent

     "Oh WOW!  Its so good being a noodle again, and such yummy
spaghetti sauce too, being eaten is so wonderful."

     Frankly my view BB, is you guys haven't produced a single being
who isn't long term a sinking stone, and probably never will.
     Yeah yeah, I know, 'no longer sinking' is a hidden standard.