Kevin Brady ( wrote:

>Cover very clean LSD.   Changed my life.  However, I'd probably have been 
>smarter to research how LSD interacts with the brain, find out what other 
>users managed to do with their lives.  Ah, hindsight.

    Very commendable.

>No, I prefer to look at the logic of why something works, or wouldn't, and 
>then pick something that makes sense, and doesn't require a leap of faith 
>that I find overly large.

>Call me crazy. 

     Hubbard would call you 'need to know before you go'.

     The opposite of which is suck it and see.

     All very fine until one asks how long do I have to try this before
I get the gain of 'awareness that suck it and see is a good thing and
ought to be continued'.

     Not to mention 'happy about return on investment'.


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