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> I have my own personal hell Homer, it's called Being stuck in Limbo with no
> way out.
> Mike

      Yeah me too.

      Adore has the following to say about hells.

      Hells are mainly a matter of conjuring and wishing off.

      The being conjures them up in order to wish them off on others.  If
they don't accept them, or he regrets it, he ends up in the middle of
his own conjurings.

      Regret can also lead him into wishing off hells onto himself.

      In any case it is the effort to CAUSE a hell that leads to being an
EFFECT of a hell.  The cause may come either before or after the effect.

      Hells consists mostly of forevers and nevers.

      FOREVER suffering, not just for a while.

      NEVER being happy, not just for a while.

      The opposite of a forever/never is a while.

      So when running hells, one wants to find the intent to cause a hell

      Because the forever violates the being's own sovereign desire to
only create in cycles of a while, the more he tries to create his
forever in another the greater his own loss of sovereignty is.

      Ever feel like you were hurting yourself as you tried to hurt
another.  Spot the error, the forevers and nevers, in the moment, to
release it.

      Having to stay in heaven forever just to make sure the other guy
stays in hell forever leads to an ARC break with heaven.

      Thus winning at causing another to suffer forever, causes one to
suffer (loss of sovereignty) forever.

      When one fails at creating a forever in another, he ends up hating
not having what he would hate having if he had it, namely a forever in

      Most dissatisfaction is this way.

      Intent to destroy another's sovereignty forever leads by definition
to destruction of one's own sovereignty for exactly and only as long as
he continues to try.

      It's only an apparancy in the end, but they hurt in the (mean)

      His greatest regret was the day he decided he had to destroy evil
forever, he postulated duality on that day, something not him, that he
didn't create, wouldn't have, shouldn't have, couldn't have, but there
it is.

      That there was duality was ruin enough but his decision that the
only thing he could do about it was destroy it forever put the final
touches on it.  He destroyed himself in the moment of breaking the
chalice with the detested evil.  He took a loss on salvation of the evil
life form.  He failed FOREVER as a messiah and as an auditor.

      Destroying something forever, means forever never being able to
salvage the being and your friendship.

      Attempted murder counts the same as murder.

      Since hells are non optimum survival, they consist mostly of too
much of something or too little of something, mostly randomity, as
survival is optimum randomity.

      So to run a hell, spot a hell, spot the intent to create that hell
in others or self, spot other's intents along the same lines, spot the
FOREVERS and NEVERS, the drama, seriousness, importance, PERMANENCE and
pain, change your mind about the forever/nevers, and run it out.

      Spot how each being-an-EFFECT-hell is powered by an intent to CAUSE

      Trying desperately to cause another to be an effect, puts one at
effect by prepostulation.

      'You are affecting me, so I am going to affect you back!"

      Trying to affect him back COMMITS to the postulate that you can be
affected by him, and thus locks it in place as long as you continue to
try to affect him back.

      Spot how the attempt to create a forever/never destroys one's own
sovereignty in the act by definition.

      A sovereign being has no interest in destroying the sovereignty of
another.  The sovereign being is PUTTING the other sovereign being
there, no matter what the other is doing, so why would the first being
want destroy the second being forever if he is putting it there in the
first place under his own free will?

      If you are running into trouble in life, just ask "How am I being

      A being will start to spin just trying to conceive of a forever or
never in time.  He CAN'T, because a being creates in the mere conception
of things, and time can only exist in finite whiles, no matter how long.

      Thus a being burns him self out trying to cast a hell forever, a
forever in time, on to another before the other being ever receives the

      Thus trying to cast another into anything forever, puts you into a
hell forever until you give it up.

      The upside, is that no hell can outlast a true confession.

      "The way to happiness is a true confession.

      However there is not one ever yet gleaned." - Electra

      Change of hell comes about from change of consideration of
forever/never into a while.

      If you wish hell on another forever you will be in a hell forever,
until you give it up.

      "Since you can not die, you do not deserve to die or suffer
forever, no matter what you do, have done, or will do, and your body
does not deserve to be hurt or damaged for anything YOU have done.

      When Earth learns these two lessons, there will be peace on Earth
and good will towards men.

      Until then, there will be suffering forever." - Adore

      If you wish a hell on another only for a while, your own hell will
vanish.  "For a while" maintains class, that all should live forever
(out of time) and be my friend.

      Its ok to do anything to anyone for a while, not ok to do anything
to anyone forever (in time).

      Hells only persist in the absence of class.

      E/P is recovery of operating sovereignty, and high affinity for

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