There is past, present and future.

      They comprise the *WHOLE* track.

      Charge exists on the whole track in the past, present and future.

      This may not seem immediately reasonable.

      However all charge in the past is about the future, loss of

      What we suffer from is in the past, postulates, considerations,
decisions, made during engrams, secondaries and locks.

      How we suffer from them is in the present, we worry and lament
about our future, this keeps us in restimulation and commits power to
our postulates.

      Why we suffer from them is our concern about the future.

      All three, past, present and future, need to be run in round robin
style, or else auditing will jam up.  Dianetics which concentrates on
the past therefore will fail.

      "Locate a moment (in the past) of death..." needs to be
balanced by

      "Locate a moment in the future of death..."

      Future losses are NOT losses the guy has not already suffered!

      The guy has been suffering from future losses forever.

      Because there is a tremendous amount of charge in the past ABOUT
the future, one is tempted to say that the past will not run at all,
only the future will run.

      Run the future and the past will run itself.

      "What death has there been?" will not run.

      "What death will there be?" will run.

      Be sure to run conception, assumption (of body), birth, survival,
death, deassumption, and inbetween lives.

      Be that as it may, run all three past, present and future where you
can.  When one dries up, go to the next one, round and round.

      Run on all beings, all flows, all universes, past, present and

      Don't run what questons, run get the idea of.

      "Get the idea of a birth that has been."

      "Get the idea of a life that could be."

      "Get the idea of a death that might be.

      PAST                  PRESENT         FUTURE
      What has been?        What is?        What will be?
      What has not been?    What is not?    What will not be?

      Concentrate on the main problems of havingness.

      Death/Life, Departure/Arrival, and Reversal/Alignment

      Primary terminals are golden allies, and foes and victims.

      Villans, victims and heros.

      Notice Death, Departure and Reversal of allies is bad, but of foes
is good.

      Notice Life, Arrival and Alignment of allies is good, but of foes
is bad.

      Primary dicotomy is separation and togetherness.

      Hellos and Goodbyes.

      Endings and Beginnings.

      What ending will there be?  What ending will there not be?

      What beginning will there be?  What beginning will there not be?

      Emotion and understanding will arise.

      E/P: Understandings, able and willing to audit.


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