Alan C. Walter ( wrote:
>I have often wondered how KP could be so unaware of those around him, of his
>incredible lack of friendliness, his antagonism, his slavish fawning over
>anyone who agreed with him. His fixation on UCP as being the ONLY PROCESS.

     Here is what I see as the difference between Palle's process and

     I have been running Palle's process for a LONG time, and more
diligently in the past few days with any eye to allowing wilder places
and concepts to enter, higher universes, millions of entities, etc.

     Basically Palles process is look at the masses, permeate them as
best one can, wiggle in and out of them trying to pry them apart, get
the TA high, until something turns ON completely and begins to run
out.  On doesn't need a meter to do this once one gets the hang of it.

     I would much prefer to look at a mass that I can see and feel in
present time until a change takes place, than slog THROUGH these
masses trying to come up with some data about my past, present or
future, which just makes the masses more solid.

     *ANY* effort to look at or say anything about my past is a
slogging through the masses in front of my face, so why do this?  For
those that don't have huge masses in present time, and whose tracks
are well greased, perhaps digging around the past is a useful
pasttime, but I would think the past will present itself when its time
and we run it then.
     What we go for is the present.

     Usually when a pc low on the scale such as I, 'looks' into the
past for the originating moment of a mass etc, they will find
something else, which fails to audit the mass and makes it and all its
little buggers mad :)

     The exact moment that needs to be looked at is IN the mass, and
frankly using mechanisms of the mind such as look and know to find it
won't work.  The mass needs to be taken apart as itself, and then what
is inside will appear on its own accord.  All the memory or
imagination stretching in the world won't do this.

     Palle's process goes right to the next thing that needs handling,
turns it on more until it can't stand it, and stuff starts to come out
of it.

     Terrible thing to do to a pc, but seems to be the way out.