The fundamental OT power is AS-ISness.

     People want to move the marble, but they don't want to *VANISH*

     Sheesh, just could never make another one like it, you know?

     But as-isness involves the RECREATION of the marble in its own
space time and point of original creation.

     So if you can vanish the marble, you can create it.

     If you can create the marble, you can vanish it.

     Then if you want to move the marble, you vanish it, then recreate
it someplace else.

     That's how you move the marble.

     You see, now THAT's OT power.

     You really want some?

     There is no OT power within game playing, everyone is stuck with
the power of their BEINGNESS.

     There is only OT power in game creation, everyone has the full
power of their OT BEING.

     By shifting from Creature to Creator, the being is free to adjust
his BEINGNESS however at anytime, but he changes the nature of the
game in doing so, and has heavy agreements with others not to do so,
that he feels bound to keep.

     But OT's don't create to win.  They create to PLAY, to not win.

     But not necessarily lose either.

     The human will try to change his beingness to better win.

     The OT will change his beingness to better play.

     If you were playing a game that you designed, how would you have
designed it?  So you could win alla time?

     Trying to back out of a game is not the way to get out of the
game.  PLAYING the game full tilt will bring you back to your OT BEING
as game creator because playing was your intent when you made the game
and when you first enjoined yourself to play it.

     Playing a game full tilt is the fastest way of exteriorizing from
the game.

     Then your problem is not getting out, but staying in the play.


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