((This was written before the difference between BEING and BECOMING
was clearly understood.

      BEINGNESS exists above space and time, BECOMINGNESS is a created
identity that exists inside of space and time and thus is always
BECOMING in each new unit of time...

      "There is BEING, but man thinks there is only BECOMING." - LRH

      BEING outside of space and time creates BECOMING inside of
space and time.

      I have corrected the below to accommodate the new and correct
definitions of BEING AND BECOMING.  ))


      An OT BEING can create BECOMINGNESS.

      BECOMINGNESS is an IN TIME constellation of attributes, abilities
and goals.

      Freedoms, barriers and purposes, games in other words.

      OT BEING power is not the ability to move the marble, although it
can certainly do it.

      OT BEING power is the ability to assign oneself a BECOMINGNESS
which can move the marble or not as the case may be.

      Notice this is very different than the OT BEING ability to move the
marble through as-isness and game redesign, through vanishment of the
marble and recreation somewhere else.

      When we are talking about BECOMINGNESS we are talking about being
down in the game play.  A BECOMINGNESS that can move the marble in game
play is very different than a BEING that can move the marble in game
destruction and recreation, at least the part involving the marble.

      For example in the Bible it says if we had enough faith we could
move a mountain sideways.

      Well is this happening at the becomingness level of creating a lot
of force and pushing it sideways, or at the beingness level of
duplicating the mountain where it is out of existence and putting an
entirely new one that looks just like the old one 3 miles to the right?

      Notice that being able to create a mountain, and being able to
create enough FORCE to move the mountain sideways are two completely
different abilities.

      Every time a pc undergoes a BECOMINGNESS change, he has applied
some small measure of OT BEING power to accomplish it.

      Thus the pc comes into session as a mouse, and leaves a dragon.

      His BECOMINGNESS changed, because his newly audited OT BEINGNESS
caused it.

      The dragon still can't move the marble, but he sure can fry the
mouse and skewer meatballs for dinner.

     BECOMINGNESS also changes as a natural part of game play inside of
time.  A live mouse becomes a dead mouse, becomes fox food, and comes
back as a better mouse.

     So the guy thinks to himself, well what would I have to BECOME in
order to be able to move the marble?

     And he thinks well I could become a Merlin.

     But that's a big game.

     Do I really want to walk into that stadium?

     I might become creamed Merlin before half time!

     Nah I would rather be a dragon and sleep at Merlin's feet.

     You see how this goes?

     Every time a pc changes his BECOMINGNESS5, that is rearranges his
considerations, goals, and power package, he often has operated his OT
BEING that can destroy and recreate anything.

     Then he wants proof?

     That's all auditing is, operating as OT Creator to re optimize your
self as Creature.

     And that's all the OT power anyone really needs.

     Most mortals want super powers in order to protect the game they
are playing, taking care of the body.  They want to be impervious to all
effects, and be able to cause total effects on others, and yet continue
to play the body game of offend and defend.

     They can have that, its called the game of superman, and they have
had it, but not HERE, not NOW.

     They got bored with winning all the time, and decided to create a
real man's game.  So now they are cornered and whining about not being

     "Prove It!  Put up or shut up!"

     The only solution to fear of death is kamikaze.

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