>>     We are talking about auditing *GOD*.

CB Willis ( wrote:
>What does it mean to audit God? Why does God by or of any definition
>personal or impersonal need auditing?  What do you hope to achieve in so

      Because God as Creator did not create Man as Creature, but BECAME
Man as creature.  Just as God became Man in Jesus, so did he become Man
in everyone of us literally.  If you were to clear all beings of their
finite identities and "add those beings all up again," you would have
the original God that created everything here.

      When Creator BECAME Creature, God BECAME man, and thus in auditing
man we are auditing God.

      ((God didn't just become humans, it became everything
that came, all life forms, all MEST forms, atoms, quarks etc,
and all spirit forms of whatever kind.

      Everything in manifestation is an avatar for a GodSoul
of some kind or another.

      Nothing is not God in carnation.))

      In auditing we are trying to undo the process by which the Creator
BECAME the Creature, and help the Creature to BE the Creator again.  Not
*A* creator beside God, but THE Creator.

      The idea that God as Creator created man as Creature creates a
separation between Man and God, even if one covers the separation with
'in His Broken Image' etc.

      GOD IS MAN.

      Man is God in incarnation.

      Literally, figuratively, poetically, rhetorically, any way you
want it.

      There was no CREATION, there was only BECOMING.

      All there is, is the AllThatIs being an avatar (manifested symbol)
for some idea or another.

      God at best created the concept of man, and then became that
concept for his own edification.  The human body is an avatar for that


      I do hope so.


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