>     OT power is not the ability to move the marble, although it can
>certainly do it.

>     OT power is the ability to assign oneself a BEINGNESS which can
>>NOT move the marble.

CB Willis ( wrote:
>I feel an infinite regress coming on. true/false?  if true, is that a 
>problem? maybe not...

     The OT operates from two places, BEING and BEINGNESS.

     The BEING level is the creation level, the OT makes playing fields,
games, marbles, and beingnesses to wear as game player.  At the being
level, the OT can put the marble, mountain or space time itself anywhere
through vanishment and recreation.

     The BEINGNESS level is the game playing level, and assumes a fixed
'package of power or ability' appropriate to that beingness.

     The package is actually a package of inabilities, the guy can do
what is left over after his infinite ability is pared down to something
     Thus if one is a sourcerer one might be able to wave the hand,
muster the force, and move the marble.  But he will pay the devil with
blood dripping out his ears every time he tries.

     That's a game play action, not a game create action.

     There is no infinite regression in the above that I see.

     Also although I say 'fixed package of power or ability', the
beingness of a concert pianist starts off not being able to play, but
can learn and get better.  The beingness of a coal miner probably
couldn't even begin to touch it.

     People have mixed beingnesses, shards of many different packages
operating at some level of competency at all times, but they have a
central one that is the driving force behind their lives whether they
know it or not.

     Some people live in their shards.

     Encrusted on the central beingness are a whole mess of loser
beingnesses, like fleas on a dog.

     The loser beingnesses are particular to the central beingness, a
concert pianist not doing well will have loser beingnesses that a coal
miner wouldn't even understand.

     The loser beingnesses are not visible if the being hasn't spotted
his central beingness as they are peculiar to the central beingness and
become unspottable along with it.

     Thus pc's will talk their havingness down talking about their
shards all day long, and make no gain.


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