All aberration is enforced Basic Truth, or Native State.

      Native state is utter non manifestation, sleep if you will.

      That is a kind of I AM NOT.

      But right after waking up the intensity of I AM would burn a
body's eyes out if the thetan dared to look upon himself while in it.

      For those who wish to keep a thetan down, it has been convenient to
remind thetans that 'truth' is 'I AM NOT', and then get them to deny
themselves into oblivion down the tone scale, into an apparency of I AM

      So you get some guy in rags walking around claiming 'I am not!  I
am not!  Egolessness is the key to salvation', but he's subdeath
notice, in a body, rags included, so what ever he's selling as
salvation is death at the bottom of the tone scale.

      At the bottom, the apparency is I AM NOT.

      BEING NOTHING -20.0

      At the top, the truth is "I AM NOT, BUT I SURE CAN BE, HEH!"

      Seek the apparency of I AM NOT at the bottom of the tone scale, and
you will find an immortal unescapeable I AM of misery.

      Seek I AM at the top of the tone scale, and you will find an
eternal I AM NOT in native state.

      If you do it right, you will go up instead of down.

      Remember below BEING NOTHING at -20 on the tone scale
is a failed to be nothing case trying to hide instead.

      Don't forget I AM *AND* I AM NOT.  :)

      That should make the needle jump.


Sun Oct 18 18:42:12 EDT 2015