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      MADE OF

      Everything that exists is made of something, the 'stuff' of which
it is made.

      Many people will tell you that only multidimensional (physical
universe) objects are made of something, implying that zero dimensional
objects (spirit) are made of nothing.

      They like the idea that only multidimensional objects are
something, and everything else is nothing.

      The truth is that zero dimensional objects are the only something
there is, everything else is illusion, and thus their covert ploy of
words ends up defining truth out of existence, as mere nothing.

      So everything that exists is made of something, some 'stuff', and
that stuff can have very different qualities from object to object,
depending especially on whether that object has dimension or not.

      Take an American flag and hang it out side the Army tank.

      What is the flag made of?  It is made of the physical universe
stuff called cloth.

      Light bouncing off the cloth takes on its colors and travels to the
video camera which displays a redition of the flag on its CCD screen.
This full color rendition is a symbolic representation of the original
referent, the flag, albeit upside down.

      What is the CCD made of?  It is made of physical universe stuff
called semi conductor, probably silicon or germanium or other light
sensitive material.

      The signal on the surface of the CCD screen is passed through into
the tank and rendered yet again on the surface of the TV screen that the
soliders standing at salute are looking at.

      What is the TV screen made of?  It is made of physical universe
stuff called glass, painted with chemical phospors that glow red, green
and blue when excited by the incoming electron stream.

      The photons leaving the screen, are very much like the photons
leaving the flag, except their source is very different.

      The photons are made of the same stuff, and happen to be of about
the same frequency,

      However with the flag the photons are created at the sun and merely
reflect off the flag.

      With the TV screen the photons are sourced directly by the
phosphors on the screen.

      But in either case a photon is a photon, and once created they are
hard to tell apart.

      So the photons leave the TV screen and enter the eye of a soldier
where yet once again they are rendered in full living color on the
retina of the solider's eye, albeit upside down.

      What is the retina made of?  The retina is made of physical
universe stuff called cell tissue, namely rods and cones.

      The retina serves pretty much the same function as the CCD screen
in the video camera, the image on the surface is coded and transmitted
to the optic nerve, visual cortex and eventually to the conscious unit's
display screen.

      Now we run into a problem because the conscious display screen has
qualities that CAN NOT exist in a multidimensional medium, namely
seeability and certainty.

      What is the conscious display screen made of?  It is NOT made of 3
dimensional physical universe material of any kind.  It is made of a
zero dimensional material which for lack of a better word we will call
rettam, pronounced REE-TAM.  And you thought MATTER sounded weird.

      Actually inthe future we call it ZEV for Zero Emission Visuals, but
you will have to wait 8 years to find out about it.

      The conscious display screen serves pretty much the same purpose as
the TV screen, in that it presents a final image to the conscious

      Unlike the TV screen made of glass though, rettam is self
luminous, it is not lit by anything the way the flag is, nor does it
light anything, the way the TV screen does by emitting photons.

      Rettam lights only itself, something no physical object can do.

      Further notice that when rettam is on, rettam can also know it is
on, and know that it knows ad infinitum.

      Thus in rettam, being and knowing become one state of resplendent
self awareness, where as in physical universe objects being and knowing are
always two different states separated by space and time, absent the
light of perfect certainty between them.

      So we have the following chain of 'stuffs' all participating in a
causal pathway bringing data from an alleged original referent to a
conscious looker who thus becomes the symbol of final authority at the
end of the chain when his consciousness lights up with the picture of
the flag.

      Flag -> CCD -> TV Screen -> retina -> LookedAt/Looker

      The flag is the original referent and the looker is the symbol of
final authority.

      We have left out much of the intervening lenses and circuitry from
the diagram because we want to concentrate only on those exact spots in
the transfer where the symbol has a highly focused picture form and thus
high geometrical congruency to the original referent.

      We consider that the original referent has perfect congruency to

      In all the areas that are left out, the data stream has very low
focus and thus almost no geometrical congruency to the original
referent.  But no data is being lost in these areas, it is just in a low
picture form format.

      Notice that the image starts right side up at the flag, but is
upside down on the CCD, is right side up on the TV screen, is upside
down on the retina and is right side up again at the end of its journey
on the conscious display.

      We call this the data transfer flip flop.

      Notice there is space and time distance between flag and CCD,
between CCD and TV screen, between TV screen and retina, and between
retina and conscoiusness, but there is no space time distance between
looked at and looker.


      Space and time between looked at and looker imposes indirection,
indirect observation, which imposes blindness of original referent.

      Notice the flag is made of cloth, the CCD is made of silicon, the
TV screen is made of glass, the retina is made of cell tissue and the
conscious display is made of rettam.

      Five utterly different substances, with different qualities.

      Notice the conscious looker has no direct contact with the Flag,
the CCD, the TV screen, or his own retina, all of which forever remain a
theory to him.

      The looker does have direct contact with his rettam looked at, and
thus can see it directly and thus has necessary certainty of its

      He couldn't possibly NOT have certainty of its existence unless he
didn't want to.

      Notice that learning across a distance implies learning by looking
at effects, learning about referents by looking at symbols.

      Notice learning across zero dimensions implies learning by looking
at cause, learning about referents by looking at referents.

      Since there is no distance between looked at and looker, both
looked at and looker must be one and the same event, so we can say:

      Learning across zero dimensions implies learning by BEING cause,
learning about referents by BEING the referent.

      Distance between looker and looked at assures that symbol and
referent are two different objects, thus the symbol can never BE the
referent, and therefore the symbol must forever learn by being an effect
of the referent.

      Notice finally that SEEING refers to the process of a CONSCIOUS
looker experiencing a CONSCIOUS looked at.

      We can't see the flag, so we look at the CCD.

      We can't see the CCD, so we look at the TV screen.

      We can't see the TV screen, so we look at our retina.

      We can't see our retina, so we look at our rettam.

      We *CAN* see our rettam!  End of line.

      Notice rettam is seeable, nothing else is.

      That's because there is no distance between ourselves as conscious
lookers and our rettam as conscious looked ats.

      If there were distance between looker and rettam, the rettam
would also be unseeable, just like everything before it in the chain
and for the same reason: one object becomes two different objects
which can NEVER see each other forever more.

      But if there were distance between conscious looked at and
conscious looker, then everything would be unseeable, and that is the
fate of a machine stuck in the eternal blindness of dimension and


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