The demon is an old friend of yours turned to the dark side of the

     Find out how many he is, just ask him, 'How many are you'.

     Insist on an answer.  If no answer help him out, 1, 10, 100, 1000
up to the 100's of trillions.

     You will know when you get it in the right ball park, he will go
still and untroblesome.

     Make sure you look him in the eyes while doing this, that often
alone is enough to melt them.  But without the eyes lock they aren't
paying attention.  First one to look away loses.

     Absorbtion into yourself is the only thing some demons understand,
and if its not complete, they stay half absorbed.  Just walk right
towards them and into them.
     But resistence is futile if they are strong.  Force won't win,
neither will suppression.  They got sinews of steel and concrete.

     If not repsonsive to how many are you, play around for a while
with what's your name, what's your job, who do you work for etc.

     Try "You are a real person/being/people!"
     Always alternate your with my.  You want his conception of you

     You gotta hire them at twice their pay, and put them on standby
telling them to do nothing until given orders to exercize their
licence to demonize.  They kind of gargoyle out awaiting orders.

     They can do this forever under a good master.

     They only get itchy under the waver of an uncertain master.

     Let them know there will be some seriously juicy tidbits down the
track a ways.
     They like the admiration and your confidence in their ability, and
loyalty.  This will lead to absolute obedience.
     Get them the idea you are a worthy master to work for.  They are
good at demonizing but they are absolutely dependent on someone more
intelligent than them to determine WHO.  That's why most of them work
for the Devil.
     Then oh by the way as you are petting them in their quiescent stand
by state, 'How many are you anyhow my sweet...'?

     Interest the demon with how many am I?  Who am I?  What am I?

     You are a few bugzillion by the way, the demon can't count that
high, but he will get awareness that you are more than him, which will
allow him to spot how many he is.  At that moment its over.
     If you ain't trollin', neither am I.


thesanitycruzer ( wrote:
>Here is my predicament: Back in 1973 at the age of 23 after a lot of
>auditing I ran out what I thought was all of my last lifetime. I had
>been in WWII, had a nervous breakdown, was institutionalized, given
>shock treatments and then put on SSI where I thought I had killed
>several women. I then was put on death row and gassed in San Quentin,
>end of story. I went and got more auditing and did well in life and
>was a COS staff member. Unfortunately the whole lifetime did not
>reveal itself until 1982 when I had a major key-in told my new auditor
>there was something "there" in my last lifetime. We went into session
>and ran where a "demon" had actually taken over my body in my last
>lifetime and had killed these women. Unfortunately I only could get
>through the incident once because during the exam I had delusions that
>I was telephathically talking to LRH. This greatly scared the staff
>and the next day I was told no more auditing as it was dangerous and
>"the demon" would be handled on the upper levels. I was not feeling
>well and very sleep deprived so I was then routed onto the Survival
>rundown where I had a major key out and did well and prospered for
>years and forgot all about my case. Unfortunately my ethics went out
>on the second dynamic but I was still doing rather well in life until
>I became sick with the childhood disease the "whooping cough" in 2005.
>This keyed back in everything that had keyed out and again I am
>feeling awful. I made things worse by buying an exercise bike that got
>me so tired that I experienced another key-in and now my ears ring as
>well. Because of my out-ethics my splinter group refused to audit me
>unless I went to endless monthly meetings so I went to the Freezone.
>My ethics are now in but because I could not sleep I started to become
>paranoid and Kaiser Permanente put me in an institution where I stayed
>for 4 days. Fortunately I got out but only because I was lucky as
>during my stay I experienced delusions and thought one of the inmates
>was the "demon". I am now receiving auditing and am feeling somewhat
>better. I have spent $14K just in the last year trying to survive
>these key-in's and my case. My auditor says I am not ready for the
>upper levels and I am about to run out of money. My work performance
>is rather bad and I could lose my job also. I have had case gain as
>the paranoia is not as bad as it was but it is still there. When I
>tell my auditor about it he says the paranoia is caused by "the
>incident". He also says I have keyed-in my whole case. I am scared!!!!
>BTW, this suppressive demon took over my body only once this lifetime
>in 1983 when I was told I could drink alcohol by my first group which
>was part of the COS at the time.. It took over my body for about 5
>seconds but I was able to get back in control. I was then told to stay
>away from alcohol and "use my TRs". Before I was institutionalized for
>4 days in 2005 it seemed to be to trying to take over my body again as
>I was completely overwhelmed. I actually told my wife to leave the
>house as I feared for her safety. Of course I never drink now. I have
>completed the Instrospection Rundown and my auditor now says I can do
>objectives at home now if I am feeling bad and that seems to help a
>little. Any suggestions?????

>I am being totally honest here and any advice would be helpful. Thank

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